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Valdoxan or Agomelatine for Depression


Valdoxan or Agomelatine: A new depression treatment

About 40-50% of people taking the current antidepressants, or the SSRIs, stop treatment shortly after starting.  This is because that class of medications has certain significant side effects, like nauseua and sexual dysfunction.

Valdoxan, generic agomelatine, is a new medication that is generating a lot of excitement because it seems to be an effective antidepressant that doesn’t have those problems.

Valdoxan is a synthetic analogue to melatonin, a natural substance your body has that plays a role in sleep regulation.  Chemically, it serves to activate the melatonin 1 and 2 receptors, while also acting as an antagonist to 5-Ht2.  This latter activity may serve to promote release or norepinephrine and dopamine.

It’s important to note that Valdoxan has significantly different chemical action than the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).

Possible Advantages

Valdoxan may not have the same rate or degree or type of side effects as traditional antidepressants. It may not cause nausea, sexual dysfunction and other common side effects.

It may start working faster, with some efficacy observed at just two weeks, not the four typically needed for antidepressants.

Both these elements may mean that people will be less likely to want to stop taking it and could start expereincing benefit at an earlier time.  In some studies, only 15% stopped use of Valdoxan, which is much less than the rate traditional antidepressants have.

This may mean a very significant advantage over traditional treatment.


Several studies of Valdoxan have not shown significant advantage over placebo.

Because Valdoxan is heavily metabolized by the liver, people with some form of liver damage may experience toxicity.  One study showed that some degree of liver impairment could lead to a 50-fold increase in drug concentration.

Valdoxan may, like the SSRIs, increase risk of suicidal ideation.


The number one question people have about any medication is, how well does it work?  It appears that there have been 7 major studies to date which have analyzed the efficacy of Valdoxan for treating depression, and there are others going on to see if it works for generalized anxiety disorder and other conditions.

Positive studies

One study showed that Valdoxan was significantly more effective as a treatment for depression than Prozac.

A study of 711 people treated for depression showed that it was significantly better than placebo and had effect starting at 2 weeks.  Additionally, that study showed that severely depressed people were more likely to respond to Valdoxan than to Paxil.

Another study of 238 people showed a roughly 55% response rate versus 35% response to placebo.

Negative Studies

Several have also shown little or no benefit over placebo.  An unpublished 6 week long study of 414 patients showed that Valdoxan had a response in 53% of those taking it compared to 47% who responded to placebo.  That same study showed that Prozac did have a significant response.

And another 6 week long study of 607 patients showed that neither Valdoxan or Prozac had benefit for treating depression over placebo.

What it means

Valdoxan is not free from the problems that typical antidepressants have, that sometimes they don’t seem to work much better than placebo.  The studies seem to indicate that it is about as effective as traditional antidepressants while having significantly less side effects and possibly faster onset of action.

These advantages may make it extremely popular.  That said, the concerns around its metabolism have yet to fully be addressed, and there may be other issues that time will reveal.


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  1. I’m in my ninth week of treatment with Agomelatine, and unfortunately i have to say that i’m disappointed. At first i thought it was fantastic. I was on Zoloft for two months when i found out that Ago is available in UK, so i rushed to my GP for prescription for it and to my surprise she gave it to me. So i’ve quited Zoloft immediately, waited 2 days and started taking Ago 25mg before bed as prescribed. Maybe there was some kind of improvement in sleep, definitely the first couple of days but nothing dramatic as some of the clinical trials participants reported. What i definitely noticed in the first 1-2 days(and only then) was the clearness of mind, it was like someone striped me of all this bullshit thoughts and preconceptions that cause my depression, anxiety . I could see the world and matters as they really are. To good to be true, and it was to good, it started to shade off day by day, even the sleeping benefits started to decline. Also i noticed some hair lose but wasn’t sure it started before or after Agomelatine, i decided to continue.
    So when i had last 6 of the 28 tablets left i decided to upper the dose to 50 mg(2 tabs before bed). Nothing happened in those 2 days on 50 mg, not even sleep improvement. I didn’t have a chance to test this dose longer cause my doc refused to prescribe me this dose reasoning it is new and untested in real life med, i don’t blame him. Ok so i was back on 25mg and… again first few days very good feeling, clear mind, just as at the beginning of the treatment, then few more days and back to normal. Some three days ago i started having annoying repetitive thought while trying to fall asleep, hair lose continues, headaches towards the end of the days, no anti depressive or anxiolytic effects whats so ever and it’s been 45 days!!!! Today i decided to stop it and BACK TO SSRI’s.
    conlusion: I’m sure it will work for some and not for others, it doesn’t for me, i’m a good responder to ssri’s. When i’ve read headlines of some articles about Agomelatine : “BETTER THAN PROZAC” etc,. i had high hopes, but it’s not.


  2. Dirk the Thrasher

    I just spent ages typing a long comment, but when I tried to send it my Internet Explorer did something really weird.
    Did you get it or do I need to retype the whole thing?

    • If it hasn’t been posted yet, then likely we didn’t get it – sorry. But would appreciate your taking the time to rewrite it =)

  3. I too had high hopes, having tried several SSRIs, each with vile side effects and even worse withdrawal effects. I was stuck on Prozac (some help with my anxiety disorder, negligible effect on my phobias but with the brain flashes, nausea etc making it not the ideal medication for me). On the plus side, initially I experienced excellent sleep and I have to say a much improved sleep pattern still, including increased ability to wake up in the morning. Apart from that, after 4 months, I am resigning myself to disappointment AND a suspicion that it is actually causing depression. Has anyone else experienced this? I haven’t shown what I would consider signs of true depression up to now in my life but lately I feel constantly tearful, have periods of nothingness, am lethargic and generally have no will to get myself out of this. It’s like a personality change.

  4. I have been on agomelatine and since starting it I have had extreme nausea, hair loss, stomach aches and diorrhea, I have decided to stop taking it as the side effects out weighed any of the benefits I was told it would have, and am still waiting to see happen, which I guess i won’t see now I’ve stopped taking it.

  5. I am currently in the sixth week of taking Valdoxan (25mg – 1 tbl.) I take it before bed time and despite promising gossip and all the fuzz about its superior efficacy it turned out to be a sugar pill for me. After six weeks I feel no anti depressive effect of any kind. Sleep is a bit deeper but that is everything there is for me from this medicine. I am really disappointed as I actually believed the manufacturer when they claimed on their website how superior this drug is over traditional drugs for treating depression.

    Well, at least there are no side effects for me. I have heard of people who actually benefit from agomelatine (Valdoxan) but to roughly estimate, there are only about one third of them. I suppose there will have to be another anti-depressant drug in the future to call it magic.

    regards from Slovenia

  6. I have been on Agomelatine for about 5 weeks now-25mg. I was on Effexor for many years-finding it the best of a bad bunch. Coming off the Effexor nearly killed me, but I was on 450mg, a huge dose. Once getting the Effexor out of my system I was excited to feel more like me again after so many years-talking more, more energy and get up and go, not needing to have a nap every afternoon after work to survive the day. However I am finding the longer I am on Agomelatine I am getting more and more irritable-to the point where I am cranky with the kids and my husband all the time. I also seem to be winging all day and not happy with what my lot is in life.
    Reading someones comment about their penis hurting made me remember in the first couple of weeks, the Agomelatine made me feel I had to masturbate all the time-I couldn’t even tell my doctor or my husband that one. It has settled down thank god, but now I’m finding for some reason if my husband touches me, I feel like my skin crawls. So not sure how long I will last on it. The gut irritation finally seems to have settles, but I have a constant sore throat and sore sinuses??? Anybodys experience of any of these would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone tried cymbalta? I know its very similar to Effexor, but I’m getting desperate for alternatives here.

    • hi there. i have been on valdoxan for nearly 1 1/2 moths with about a week on 50ng cause the lower dose wasnt enough to help me sleep and i became randomly over emotional but hopefully it will work. before that i was on cymbalta for around a year. at first it was great apart from the dry mouth and nausea but over time and a big reason i stopped was because i became agitated very easily and became very rude to people whitch is nit in my nature at all. im glad to be off ut.

  7. I have been on various other medication for stress and anxiety I didnt think they were working the last I was on was Sertaline which made me feel calmer I no longer cried at nothing but I had no sex drive whatsoever which was very unusual for me then I developed this inane itching. My doctor prescribed Valdoxan telling me what a wander drug it was but that I was only the 3rd person in the practice to be prescibed it. I had great hope for it but I have been on it for over a week and I am so moody and irritable im forever breaking down and crying at the slightest thing the only up side I have is that my sex drive has returned as for the sleep I still take Tamazepam along side and im now having the most wierd or aggressive dreams to I continue with the medication will it get better ? I feel so low I would now say im very depressed, irrational, ilogical and just realy cant be bothered with anything

  8. Hi all.
    Started Valdoxan 25Mg, on second day now. Came off cymbalta 90mg with the mad headspin hooha. Had the runs & sore throat too. Cymbalta I thought was ok, I honestly don’t know anymore if any of them work.
    My theory is I think way too much, maybe that’s why I’m depressed.. thoughts? Anyone else know what I mean?

  9. I got in a depression in the end of 2009. My doctor gave me cymbalta, and I must say it worked wonderfully then, my appetite almost immediatly came back, and in my case it also almost immediately worked (I didn’t get into a real vital depression which I have had in 1993).

    But when after two weeks (as prescribed) I increased to 60mg, I immediately got very depressed, so I stayed on 30 mg. In those days I just could go on with my job, and beside some dizzyness in the first days there where no side-effect. I stopped using it without problems about march last year (when spring was in the air again).

    In nov. last year the same thing happened, and again cymbalta kept me out of the worst depression, but because my life now has been completely changed (much more problems!) it does not really solve my depression, neither did the additive light-therapie that I’ve just had.

    Today my doctor prescribed me agomelatine, because my sleep pattern is not oke due to my deregulated life and the problems i have now and the ones that are to come in the near the future.

    So I cannot say anything about that now, I’ve seen positif and negatif experiences, but I can only hope it will help me coming out of the depression/burn-out that I’m suffering of now.

    I do not read too much about a medicine I take, but this seems to be a very modern medicine with relatively little side effects, so I got curious).

  10. My word, my specialist psychiatrist is putting me on Agomelatine, but reading these comments I wonder if this is wise! Is there anyone out there that had a positive reaction from these tablets? I have had major depression since 2008, Welbutrin played havoc with my mind, then I went onto Molypaxin at night – wonderful, wonderful drug, but I need a daytime drug and have been on a few, with horrendous side effects, I was really hoping this wonder drug was going to be the answer!

  11. I’ve been on agomelatine for well over a year now. Having suffered horribly with other SSRIs, I settled with Prozac for a few years despite the notorious electric brain shocks until I read about this wonder drug. I noticed no side effects whatsoever – after the initial wonderful sleep. Unfortunately I have to say I haven’t noticed any marked improvements in my anxiety and depression but I have noticed some improvements. This is enough for me to be content to continue with the drug rather than risk the horrendous side effects of yet another SSRI. I cope – and that’s better than a life of endless panic attacks. It’s worth a try at least. Good luck.

  12. Julie McDermaid

    I took agomelatine at the beginning of 2011 and found it caused far too many side effects. I experienced dreadful pain in both my lower and upper digestive tract and my hair fell out at an alarming rate. While it did help with my sleep, it appeared to have no anti-depressant effect at all. I took the tablets for about 3 months before discontinuing. Now nearly 3 months later my hair is still falling out and the digestive issues are beginning to settle. It may work for some people but wasn’t right for me!

  13. I have been taking Valdoxan for a month now. I never thought I could ever feel this good again after having severe depression and anxiety for the last 10 years.I still have to touble believing it is true.Hope it lasts. Hang in there guys maybe there is a god.

  14. I’ve been taking Valdoxan 25mg for almost 3 weeks now and feel worse than ever; I have almost daily thoughts of self harm & suicide, am constantly irritable to the point that I can’t be around anyone. The one and only good thing I have experienced with this drug is that I sleep a little bit better than I did previously. Unfortunately this was the last drug I could try to my depression as none of the others have worked.

  15. My wife has bipolar and after trying many AD’s to supplement lithium was put on Valdoxan 25mg by the psychiatrist. She is having a very serious reaction to it. Was stopped after 2 doses but 5 days later she is still in severe pain (she says it is worse than giving birth). The pain is back and stomach. She is also confused with poor balance, unable to write etc and is generally pretty incapacitated.

    The psychiatrist has done basic tests – pulse, blood pressure, (both OK) blood test for lithium (result awaited, but he thought it unlikely to be the cause). He has done a severe reaction report. Currently she is taking pain killers + valium + sometimes alcohol to deal with the pain – this puts her out for a while. The drug will have long gone from her system so the worry now is has it done permanent damage. I’ve asked him to think of a plan B if there is no improvement soon.. Does anyone else have experience of this?

  16. Hi my son has been depressed since been given contaminated anthrax shots in 1999 & 2001, al sorts of meds and mental hosp with ne relief, read about this med from uk called Agomelatine but reading pro & con about it, could somebody give the ok or no about it, he is desperate and so is his family, I can’t find address or co in uk that i can order it from, we are from us.

  17. It’s academic now! My PCT has just ruled GPs can’t prescribe it any longer (the usual NICE reservations – sometimes have to speculate on their priorities, certainly not patient wellbeing). I had to come straight off it BUT not a single side effect – amazing. I noticed no difference for a couple of weeks and then was plunged into a maelstrom of emotions I haven’t had to face for a long while. Now what?

  18. I have been taking 25mg of agomelatine nightly for seven months. I sleep much better and my depression/anxiety/panic attacks – for which I have been taking antidepressants since I was 19, I’m now sixty has almost vanished. My problem is the very painful ‘side effects’ I am experiencing with this medication. I have chronic back, muscle and joint pain to the extent that I can hardly walk some days. I have bouts of feeling severly cold and then at night feeling overwhelmingly hot. I have had all the blood tests and nothing has shown up to indicate what is causing these symptoms. So obviously it is the side effects of the medication. I have not experienced the sore throat, nausea or hair loss side effects that others have, however I do frequently suffer mild headaches. The side effects I am experiencing seem to come in cycles except for the severe muscle and joint pain which is with me most days. A Naturopath has given me a spray to squirt under my tongure which is to relieve the muscle and joint aches, and this works quite well in conjunction with Panadol Osteo, however nothing seems to help for any length of time to relieve the pain in my feet and ankles. I must stress that having had a number of antidepressants prescribed for me over the years I believe Valdoxan to date has given me the best results for my depressive illness. If anyone out there who has been taking Valdoxan and has been experiencing the same side effects as me and has been able to find someway of eliminating them PLEASE email me soonest.

  19. I have been reading the above posts with much interest as I have had bi polar disorder for 22 since the birth of my twins and have been on every medication known to man and beast, I do not tolerate lithium and was wiped out by quetiapine.
    I begged my consultant for something that would help me to setlle especially at night but did not want it to have the as i call it straight jacket effect, and something that would not affect my intellect so was given the ago with my mood stabiliser to try.. My experience to date (having been on it for 10 months) I was and remain impressed by the way it helps me to get to sleep and more important wake up not feeling doped up, I can also say that after about 3 months on the ago I started to socialise again and feel comfortable amongst my friends. I felt that I had found something that was both effective in settling and soothing my mood but also finding the old me again.
    What I am now begining to realise is I have slipped into a cosy coccon and I am so content in this state that I am going ffrom day to day without going out getting washed or dressed and I have gained approx 2 stone through eating junk, I am quite tearful when watchng tv and seem to be developing an addiction to online bingo. I have tried to anaylse this behaviour all of it but feel calm and not in the least troubled by my current way of life. I feel the online bingo is my only stimulation and that is why it is becoming an issue. I know that I could go on like this as I feel as I have already said unpeturbed by it, howevr I am going to try and stop the ago and see if I can get some motivation back the problem here is I did take ago for three months previous to this 10 month course and experienced severe headaches so I am not looking forward to it :0( To the lady with the joint pain, I to am experiencing very similar symptoms and have been referred to see a specialist, I am 50 and I never consider the ago could be a cause I just put it down to getting older and sitting around doing nothing much at first but the pain got so much worse and I am now taking tramadol to try to cope with it, A very strange set of afairs and I am not sure that I would reccomend ago as I thought I would have when I first started taking it. I will take half of a 25 mg tablet tonight and tomorrow then stop it altogether and see how things are then.

  20. @ GAYE
    I also seem to be having a problem with my thermostat just I do not seem to feel cold and can overheat quite easily, I get a lot of comments that my house is freezing but I feel quite warm??

  21. This is a follow up to my post in November. Sally had a urinary tract infection so the symptoms we assumed were from Valdoxan were not. She is now considering whether to try it again

  22. Wow if reading all of these comments is anything to go by I would have to say that this drug is the worst thing ever made!!!

    Either that or success stories aren’t here to tell us about the glory of the drug. Well, I am a success story and I am proud to shout it from the rooftops about how good this drug is.

    For all those who don’t respond to agomelatine I think your doctor’s need educating on different types of depression. I mean if you are a nervous wreck with high OCD then this drug is going to make your problems worse. If however, you have apathetic major depression with bad GAD then this drug might work. But….!!! You must give it time to work. It can take up to 6-8 weeks to even notice anything which can be extremely painful to go through. The very nature of depression doesn’t exercise qualities such as patience.

    I suppose what I am saying is that GPs prescribing agomelatine as if it is a substitute for SSRIs don’t know what they are talking about. From their point of view this is a benign drug that might or might not work for some people as an alternative to the SSRIs. BUT they are completely different drugs and used for different types of depression. Agomelatine is for more melancholic depression whereas the SSRIs are for more atypical depression.

  23. I find since taking Agolelantine, my sleep is terrible.  Go to sleep nicely.  But every morning wake up at 2am and go back to sleep at 6!  Maybe it is making me manic, its like my days have turned into nights.

    Please give me some advise, as people say it helps sleep.  Ive been on it for two months no.

  24. Anna I experienced the same sleep pattern. I realized that when I woke early I should get up (I was feeling great). I think this was due to being on brain deading drugs for so long, so I stayed in bed and when I stopped worring about getting up I simply went back to sleep.

    No drug alone is going to completely cure us. I gained most from doing group therepy in C.B.T.(Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
    Hope this helps some

  25. I have been on them now for 3 weeks at the same time as weening off effexor. I was put on effexor last year for anxiety and panic attacks. I am a 43 yr old happily married wife and mother and getting hijacked by anxiety in your 40′s was a big and unexpected shock. The effexor worked really well and i felt fine for a few months. … apart from the sexual dysfunction, which is a sad side effect i didn’t know about. I brougt this up with my physician who recommended i try valdoxane (a revolutionary new drug recently available in our country). Great! Ok, lets do this. Little did i know about the horrible withdrawal symptoms of coming off effexor!! WHY dont they tell you about this before they prescribe it? Anyway, 3 weeks of weening and now cold turkey. I can tell you that my anxiety has not returned and i dont think i have any side effects from the valdoxane, but its pretty hard to be honest because i am still having dizziness and brain zaps from the withdrawal symptoms, my head spins and i have constant pins and needles. I am positive and optimistic though, so will push throug this phase and be grateful that i am not anxious or panicking. Hopefully these symptoms are all withdrawal and not valdoxane related. Would be great to hear from anyone who is having a similar experience. All i can offer is that staying positive and allowing your body to be heard, sleep well, eat well and make time out is going to help a lot. Peace xx

  26. I have been taking Valdoxane 25mg for about 6 weeks, like all anxiety/depressants I am unsure about its efficiency in dealing with my stuff. The first few weeks were tough for my loved ones- I was particularly caustic and irritable to the point where relationships were almost ended, almost but not quite because that phase seems to have passed over and I am again my normal loving considerate crazy self.
    Sleep is fantastic and the only side effects I consider to be problematic is my over-use of the toilet- I eat a meal and spend the next couple of hours visiting the toilet which is gross.The other side effect is that I do tend to binge every now again on Whiskey with the worst possible hangovers-depression/anxiety/pain you can imagine. It seems that unlike other anti depressants, I am left to my own devices in deciding when to start or stop drinking- It really irritates me when I wake up with a hangover but what to do?

  27. this drug saved my life. I was so pleased it was released in australia. 14 months on and I am now down to 1/2 a table with a liver function test every 6mths. No drug is suitable for everyone, but after everything under the sun was exhausted this saved me.

  28. i have been taking agomelatine 25mg for 4 months now, i have had no real side effects and they seemed to be working really well at first. my physchaiatrist has doubled my dose to 50mg so i am hoping to see an improvement. I guess they are like any other medication working for some and not working for others

  29. so funny!
    to read ALL these comments..
    on a lot of websites I only see negative shit.. (when things are not going well with a med people are going to complain on the web)
    when everything is going well and fine.. they don’t think about sharing most of the times..
    for me its working really really well!

    last night didn’t sleep well.
    but! there was someone sleeping next to me.. snoring because of a cold and having problems laying still but sleeping well..
    hitting me in the back once in a while. when I was just asleep..

    so it weren’t the drugs.

    I found a lot of positive feedback in dutch on
    with some people that complain.
    now I have to say. when some people (especially in a depression) that read the instruction booklet.. and see all the side effects.. all of a sudden they feel all of them. like people will with a placebo when you say that it is good against a depression but you will not feel your feet anymore.. 80% will not feel his feet.

    50mg of valdoxan hasn’t proven to do more than 25.. so why are doctors giving this prescription?

    and caldoxan is proven to be really fucked with other meds (even though a lot of Pdoc’s take the risk)

    I have a more melancholic depression and sleeping problems (hearing too much and getting too irritated) but because of valdoxan this has become really a lot better..

    I asked my doctor for a little help. I dont want to feel like a zombie, I dont want to feel the med itself. I wanna feel the benefits, and not the fogginess.

    so thats why he prescribed me with 25mg valdoxan. because it makes your rhythm better of sleep. and takes away the big big holes in my week. one day really happy, 2 days really sad.
    I still feel happiness and sadness (which is life and human functioning) which I never wanna loose.
    I had a difficult childhood.. and meds are not going to help against it.. talking does.

    meds are not in stead of therapy..
    they just found out in therapy when I was 5, 12 and 20 I have a chemical imbalance. so i need a med to reset this system. now, 2 years later, I finally decided to take a med. didnt know anything about it.
    I wanted a SSRI but my doctor told me. well, there is a med with less side effects and it’s not as powerful but you only need a little help. so it will be perfect because you will have no sexual disadvantage.
    So i took it.. and I’m glad i did!

    dont get sucked in (in al your hope and dispair) by the beautiful words of Savier itself (they try to sell, its a company!) and never let your doctor give you false hope.. (wtf?! why are they telling you people its a miracle med? because the savier sponsored tests said so?)

    just take it without any hope up front.
    its the same with a movie.. when everybody tells me, WOW the BEST MOVIE EVER..
    it always sucks when I see it.

  30. 2 weeks on Valdoxane and waking with headaches + pressure behind eyes + sinus. Anyone else experiencing this? Or are these just the initial side-effects??

  31. I have been on Valdoxane for just over 2 months (came off Wellbutrin). I have the same pressure behind the eyes as Mocajava, I have been trying to find out if anybody else had this symptom. Because of this by mid afternoon my eyes are so tired I can hardly do anything, just want to lie down.

    To be honest, my sleep patterns are worse and I feel really tired during the day. Almost the opposite of what the medication is supposed to do. I do feel less depressed but I’m not sure if that is due to eating healthy and exercising or the drug, my feeling is that Valdoxane has done very little.

    Will be stopping Valdoxane to see if the tiredness goes away.

  32. hi my problem is i have no orgasm when i have sex and no feeling and i was ok befor 18 years is valdoxan help me to be normal the doctor told me i have anxiety
    thank you.

  33. Just started (one week) on Valdoxan, after variable response to Cipralex (initially good, then it stopped working but left me with no sex drive and insomnia). I also have taken Trazodone for anxiety and insomnia (effective but left me zombiefied) and Remeron (no effect at all). I also used to be addicted to benzos, which I took due to a lifetime of insomnia and anxiety. I am still taking 0.5mg clonzepam nightly.

    So far no response to Valdoxan other than increased waking and terrible nightmares, plus a very dodgy stomach (odd, bloated, painful feeling). Sex drive has come back but no antidepressant effects as of yet.

  34. Oh, forgot to add I had great response to amitriptylene about 15 years ago for insomnia and anxiety. Will go back to that if Valdoxan doesn’t work in about three weeks of trying.

  35. Hi All, well here I am back to comment on my experience with Valadoxan. I have been taking 25mg of this antidepressant nightly now since beginning of July 2011 and wished it had been available since I started to be prescribed antidepressants at 19 years of age. I am now 60! I sleep well, arise early in the morning feeling clear headed. I no longer have acute anxiety/panic attacks. I no longer feel the need to drink copious amounts of alcohol daily to cope. Side effects very mild and shortlived except for muscle pain/spasms between my shoulder blades which I relieve with Panadol ‘Osteo’ when needed.
    For most of my life I had been prescribed high dosages of many types of SSRI’s and SNRI’s as well as mood enhancing drugs and Valium. Non of these drugs helped me. The withdrawal symptoms horrendous. In fact looking back I think they made my life worse. So if you are lucky enough to have been prescribed Valadoxan persevere if you can for at least 6 months and hopefully this new type of antidpressant will change your life as it has done mine. kind regards GAYE

  36. i now have been on cymbalta 60 mg for years. the side effects people complain of
    valdoxane. i already  have at my age of 64 now. dont put all the blame on agomelatine. for all of your aches and pains.
    i am going to try this new medication. all are welcome to reply to me
    i am may be the most negative person on earrth. hope this stuff will help change my mind-set .
    if it doesnt help. may be a nice young girl should. ok bi your nice people

  37. I used before remeron,Cipralex,Edronax,and efexor and Lamıctal together before.After I stopped Efexor another doctor gave me cıpralex I was worse.This time my old cotor gave my Cymbalta.almost no change but better than Cipralex and Edronax.I retured back to efexor 150mg and at night 100 mg Lamictal and 25mg Valdoxan.I dont know whıch one made a sense,probably valdoxan.I am more socıal and happy durrıng day time.Before was not communicatiıng with friends. But besides,terrible headaches started.all day and night.Pain killers didnt make a sense ,after a while headache was back.My sleep didnt improve I wake up 2-3 times and finally at 6 in the morning I am totally awake.When I am awake I feel very stressful not feelıng good.but after I come to offıce I am good.I also take ativan sometimes when I feel too much stress inside me.

  38. I’ve been on Agomelatine for three weeks now at 25mg, after trying Fluoxetine, Mirtazapine, Escitalopram, Reboxetine and Venlafaxine, with little/no improvement in my depression. My doctor put me on it telling me that she had tried it with about three other people whose depressive symptoms hadn’t improved and that it had worked for all of them. Since going on it, my sleep has improved a little, but I still require Valium to help. I have had headaches every day for the past two weeks and am irritable as hell. I snap at everyone, about everything. My mood is lower than it has been in months – I’m quite disheartened. My doctor told me it had worked with everyone else so she had hope and that that if it was going to work, I would notice some change. All I’ve noticed is change for the worse.

  39. Tried Valdoxan for 2 months and more depressed than ever, stopped it. Only good thing is no weight gain.

  40. @kaylee, may just be because of the change of meds so give it another week or two. I stopped taking my meds (lamicten and valdoxan), then started only lamicten (no change) stopped that, now starting Valdoxan again by itself. I am also very irritable and short temper. I definitely don’t find it helps with sleep but generally mood seems to improve. will report back after another week or so.
    have started exercising and changed diet (less sugar, carbs, alcohol, no sleeping tablets etc.)

  41. Hi,

    I am using ags 25 mg for 5 days and already feel that doesn’t really work for me.more depression,anxety, short temper but inprove my mood very little….. it improve my sleeping disorder only. Shirren…

  42. Hi All,

    I’ve been on agomelatine for about 4-5 months now and I have positive feedback for this medication…

    Don’t dismiss this drug because of the comments above, give it a chance… People that respond well to this medication feel less inclined to trawl the internet and comment because they are happy and don’t have anything to complain about! 

    I’ve been suffering from depression for a long time (6yrs) and attempted to self medicate with various illicit substances, after becoming clean and sober I was formally diagnosed with depression and prescribed an SSRI – escitalopram. I made a switch from Cipralex to Valdoxane, the electric shocks and sexual dysfunction that I experienced with cipralex caused me to consult my GP for alternatives. 

    Valdoxane lets me sleep incredibly well, what used to take me 2-3 hours of rolling around in bed before falling asleep hasn’t occurred once since beginning with this. I suffer from zero sexual side effects and my libido is back to normal again.

    I have to admit that the anti-depressant effect may not be as marked as with the 10mg escitalopram (currently on 25mg agomelatine) but I am nowhere near depressed or have the related thoughts and anxiety…

    Don’t let the negative feedback above put you off, take the medication with no preconceptions and see how you feel! There are no nasty discontinuation effects like that horrendous electric shock and dizziness from SSRI’s, like all medication – some of them work for some people, and not for others… 

    I sincerely hope it works for you!

    Good luck and keep your head up!

  43.  its not good i had to stop it in few days. nothing improved, neither sleep, nor other symptoms. in fact i too had wired and aggresive  dreams, and some hair fall too. and sexual disorder too. i am better when i stopped this medicine.

  44.  i have no negative feeling or opinion about this drug. it may help others. may not for me:) all the best.

  45. Well i do not know what to do after reading the above!!!!!! think i will stay on cipralex and put up with the sexual side effects, have been taking them for 3 years and agomelatine is the new so called super drug, but i think i will give it a miss!

  46. I do not often read blogs, but I’m suprised on the amount of negativity writen here and what resembles like self medication. After struggling for nearly 9 years of clinical depression I was re-diagnosed to being bi-polar as well. Medication was changed from Remeron and others to Lamictin and Valdoxene. The withdrawal symptoms (especially nausea) was horrible but I persevered. Now I’m a changed person, life has a new meaning and I’m the heapiest I’ve being in a long time. Only side effect is soreness in my muscles, especialy shoulder, upper arms and legs. But the change in my life is well worth it. My advice would be do not use meds like a different sweet everytime, get professional assistance and give whatever that might be prescribed to you a real try, do not give up immediately. Nothing will be perfect but once you have the correct cocktail, it can be the best thing that can happen to you.

  47. hullo petert,

    so glad to read your experience with Valdoxene. I have been taking 25mg now for 18 months. After many years suffering from clinical depression and been given every type of antidepressant aroound I have finally found one that works for me – Valdoxene. But here is the most interesting observation – you are the only person on this entire blog who has experienced the same side effects as myself. As well as the muscle soreness I also experience pain in my ankles and shoulder joints and really painful muscle spasms between my shoulder blades. Do you also feel very fatigued all the time? I mentioned these side effects to my DR who seemed to think they had nothing to do with my taking Valdoxene and sent me to a Reumatologist who has suggested I have a mild case of Lupus which is an autoimmune disease. I don’t dare give up the Valdoxene as then I will be back to square one with my depression and I could just not handle that. But I find your comments re your side effects a validation at last that its just not me who has experienced these problems. I will tell the Reumatologist of your experiences on my next visit. Because Valdoxene is such a new antidepressant, most Dr’s know nothing about it and assume it is just another SSRI. Even my Physiciatrist didn’t know it existed. I first heared about it on a talkback radio show and asked my GP to source it for me. I will update this site if I have anymore news. many thanks

  48. Hi just started taking valdoxan after being on Efexor for ten years and then Cymbalta, found Exfexor great but because of my high blood pressure had to go on Cymbalta 60. It was ok but then when i started menopause i found that i couldnt sleep, and was more depressed. My doctor put me on Valdoxan and i am experiencing the cymbalta withdrawal and feel dizzy and vague, the valdoxan lets me sleep but I am always yawning, but my sex life has improved. Ive only been on it a week so will stay on it to see if it works for me. I was constantly constipated but now I had a few belly aches. my natropath says it is just synthasised melatonin and as I am on the natural one , dont really need it. Bloody hell its hard to know who to believe in and I think we are just guinea pigs for drug companies. I will keep with it for awhile and see what happens>

  49. I tend to agree with Shelby. its hard to know who to believe in and I think we are just guinea pigs for drug companies. My psychiatrist prescribed me valdoxan but he has also diagnosed me with alcohol abuse problems and the valdoxan info says do not take if you consume significant amounts of alcohol because the drug alone ruins the liver. I hate my life and getting help for mental illness has made me worse. I hate psychiatrists, they don’t help.

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