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Xanax: Side Effects, Withdrawal

Xanax pills 2mg

Xanax: an anxiety medication

Xanax is one of the stronger benzodiazpines (BZD), a class of drugs that slows down the nervous system, inducing calm and relaxation.

And it works quickly, and seems to have limited side effects. No wonder that it’s extremely popular, used even by those who appear to be the most successful and least need it.

Unfortunately, use of Xanax may have gone too far because long term use can cause serious problems. Benzodiazepines like it are best used for short term relief of anxiety, and generally as support for treating anxiety and panic disorders.

The American Psychological Association released guidelines to that effect, emphasizing the preferred use of SSRI medications for anxiety disorders.

What should Xanax be used for, for how long, and what are its potential side effects?


Xanax is very good at fighting anxiety. As such it makes sense to use it in the short term for insomnia caused by worrying, and for short term control of anxiety. On the other hand, other drugs are preferred for certain types of short term anxiety, like stage-fright.

Xanax can be used for panic and anxiety disorders and has shown some ability to work for those conditions – but there may be better options that just take longer to work. The SSRIs may perform better and with less risk, and as such have been recommended for typical treatment of anxiety and panic disorders.

And you can’t forget the importance of therapy and exercise for anxiety/panic conditions, which have no side effects.

Use of Xanax after a traumatic event might be a bad idea.

Xanax’s side effects

Xanax can cause excessive sedation, memory problems, and cause or make depression worse. It can interact dangerously with alcohol as both are depressants. And it is addictive.

Long term use has been associated by some with cognitive damage. This means a potential decline in intelligence, ability to pay attention and concentrate, and decreased memory. Stopping Xanax does not always reverse these changes.

Use of Xanax after a traumatic event to help control anxiety may highly increase risk of developing Post Traumatic stress disorder. It is isn’t entirely clear how – or if – this happens.

In terms of physical side effects, Xanax has less side effects than earlier drugs, but can still cause serious physical problems either in overdosing or through interactions with other medications.

Most common side effects: drowsiness, increase salivation, weight gain and constipation.

Use of Xanax can cause difficulties with memory formation and some form of memory impairment in anywhere from 7-33% of those who use it.  It may also be associated with difficulty falling asleep, headache, and some form of cognitive impairment.

Menstrual irregularities have been reported in up to 10% of women using Xanax over an extended period of time.

Addiction and Withdrawal

We know Xanax is about as addictive as cigarettes; we just aren’t fully clear on how long dependence takes.

One study showed that 1/3 of people who used any BZD for just a month became dependent to some degree. Another showed a similar rate of addiction over a two months span, and another study put the time-line at 3-6 months.

Use of Xanax over an extended period of time may lead to serious problems upon stopping. The milder problems include anxiety, unpleasant thoughts, and disorientation. Rarer but more serious discontinuation issues include extreme sense-sensitivity, seizures and psychosis.

Do you have any thoughts on Xanax?


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  1. hello, everyone. i feel kind of silly sharing my story so please don’t laugh at me or judge me. I have lots of problems going on in my life. i am only 24 about to be 25 years old, i have a 4 year old daughter. I went through alot of traumatic situations when i was a little girl i was 6 years old imy great aunts boyfriend raped me while my great aunt was sleeping. it was in the front private part either, sorry i really am not trying to say nasty details but i think you get what i meant where he rapped me at with what i said. anyways i never told my parents b’cuz he said he would kill me my great aunt my mother and father and brothers and so fourth. as a 6 year old little girl you could prolly understand why i didn’t say anything. well he isn’t alive now and i finally came out about it when i was 22 years old. when i was a teenager i honestly was a good person yes i had a rebel side to me also but who really doesn’t at that age? i was born and raised in the ghetto, i was one of like 10 white people who lived there,(for the record no i am not racsiest at all just trying to draw out the picture for you) anywho i had a good set of friends and then one day i started hanging out with two other different girls that i remembered when i was a child. i was 14 years old well they were lets say all about sex and so fourth i wasn’t but then i felt left out and was pressured into trying it out i always said i wanted to wait until i was married or atleast 18 yrs old. well i lost my virginity at 14 yes i regret it a whole lot. i ended up getting pregnant at age 15 i was to afraid to tell my parents my old friend who i don’t talk to anymore insisted on jumping on my tummy too kill it i wouldn’t let her so she took me out so i could think and on the way bk home i insisted on walking on a busy street she kept on and on about cutting thru the parkway i wasn’t thinking clearly so i did and once again i was rapped  by 15 white n blk guys, held down they beat me up but mainly in my stomach i knew right there it was a set up from my so called friend b’cuz she wasn’t rapped at all and said she was, i lost the baby after that i never told my parents until i was 18 years old, i’ve been molested in my sleep from another friends older cousin but that time i told my parents and he went to jail. then me being one of the only white girls in my old neighborhood i was always getting into fight trying to defend myself i’ve been robbed atleast 10 times by gun point. my father had 2 strokes then had been depressed from that for 3 years straight and one day he tried to shoot himself in the head infront of me and my lil  brother and my mother fought him to get the gun away. my father has down alot of things. so i am a very scared person, i have depression which i’m on anti-depressants for i have lots and lots of panic attacks and anxeity which i take xanixs for i crashed my car bcuz i was so high one day off of them when i very first started taking them. my life hit rock bottom, i have fibromyalga real real bad so i am also on 10 mg percoets, also ambien b’cuz i am to afraid to sleep. my father was on xanicxs real bad and other pills but he is clean now has been, but he used to abuse them and not take them like he was suppose to but take more. he tried cutting his leg off infront of me before. didn’t work but i use to abuse xancxs real bad but after i crashed my car i stopped but i am back on them and only take one a day like i am suppose to, and it makes me feel fine, but my fiance has a problem with me taking them again, he thinks that i will get high like i use to etc,,,,,i am afraid to get off of them b’cuz what if i do have a seziure or something from not taking them or what if my anexity gets way worst i have it bad my windows can never be open i cants sleep alone etc idk what to do,,i am so confused, please if anyone has any advice let me know ty all             tiff

    • My heart goes out to you. I also take Xanax with sertraline. Zanax is a strong drug with possible terrible side effect when decreasing or dicontinuing dosage. I just discovered Provanax on-line today and plan to ask my primary doctor about it on my next visit. It seems to accomplish the desire results without the addiction and severe side effects to this opiate, Xanax…not such agood drug. Deffinately consider researching some credible souces to find that happy medium for you. I was recently told there is a large difference in what these types of medications cans accomplish. I wish you the best in your search for the right balance. hang in there, Tiff E. You are not alone.

    • Tif, I’m so sorry to hear about all the bad things u have been thru that really sucks my name is Rachel and I have been on Xanax also. When I was 18 y/o my youngest brother who was 7 yrs my senior shot himself in the head in the front yard of his house where me and my mother were staying with him, his wife and 3 childern there also. Then my mom remarried my dad and I had to move out on my own. Well about 10 / 11 yrs ago my daddy died of brain cancer which was really really hard to watch. Then my mom died about 2/1. 3 yrs ago which was also very hard. My 2 remaining brothers had my mom change her will cuz my daddy left me as executive he knew how the boys were. They also kept me from seeing my best friend my mom b4 she died. They called the cops and said they had paperwork which they wouldn’t show me but cops said if I didn’t leave they would take me to jail me and my fiancé . Then 20 days after my mom died I got a phone call that my oldest brother who I was very close to up unti my dad died and that has a lot to do with my middle brother. Anyways the phone call was that my oldest brother blew his brains out in my mothers living room he had also lot my mom cuz the 2 of them had no idea of mom and dads burial I mean couldn’t find her for weeks then didnt know where she was suppose to b laid at rest. If that wasn’t enough we couldn’t have an open casket because she was so bad decade it wasn’t possible that was there fault. I also got nothing that my mom wanted me to have pics wedding ring a me ess I got for my dad to give to her cuz he was so sick with brain can see he couldn’t get out. Anyways I e been on Xanax for a while also and yes I have recked a few cars but that was my fault not taking then as I was suppose to. Yes u can have sesiries if u just stop them I have been there and had them while driving so then it has been a fight to get my license back and I have jumped thru hoops to keep it and still am. If u take them as u should u will b fine or gradually cut down by urself but not all at once pls. Don’t want to c anyone go thru what I have. U can also maybe try kalitapin that is for anxiety that is also perscribed for our sorts of issues. I was gonna try them but I’m gonna give Xanax one more try and if I can’t b good then I will change them out or just stop altogether. I also take an antidepressant and have since my 1st brother shot himself. I was right there I picked up his head and tried to get a response and it really f’d up my head as yours has been. I also get really bad miagraines and I don’t sleep without sleeping pills. Well enought about all this. Thank u for posting on here and kinda letting me get it all out. My fiancé just tells me to deal with it and get over it but I don’t think anyone can get over the different things we have been thru. I wish u the very best in life. And I hope u can get thru all of that. Just b carefull and know that people r prayin for u and wishing u all the best. Good luck u can get past this and if u can take them like we r suppose to u will b fine we just all have to b strong and carefull and think about who else our actions r hurting. I lost my very best friend and my fiancé hardly speaks to me but I will get thru this also I just have to b smart. Take care if u ever wanna talk u should get my email address off of this. Once again b safe and take care of yourself. Rachel

    • Hi Tiff,

      From what you have been through is normal and the amount of Xanax you are taking is small, but that amount
      would need to be increased over time as when you get older, the xanax loses it’s effectiveness.

      Basically, to just keep the xanax at your current dose, you may need to try to go for a couple days without
      it or until you get an anxiety attack.

      Taking the xanax longterm is not good as you could face more serious problems than addiction, such as liver failure and other medical problems associated with the side affects of xanax.

      Relying on pills is not the answer, It doesn’t take away the problem, just masks it.

      You need to do more to deal with your problems now, while you are still very young.

      If you got off xanax before, I would try it again and stay off. You can have some

      xanax on you in case of an emergency anxiety attack and have it with you only if you

      really need it.


  2. Tiff , God Bless You….. I am sorry that you have been through so much!!!!! There are many support groups that you may want to check into, but first I would seek the help of a Pastor/Priest to guide you. You have many problems & obstacles that need professional attention. Do Not Wait….
    Start surrounding yourself with healthy people that you can trust. They are out there……..and there are a lot of good people in this world that would be willing to help you. Good Luck & God Bless !!!!

  3. Tiff, your story touched my heart in so many ways. I do understand what you went through. I would get some professional help first. But, if you need your meds and you are not abusing them then do not stop unless a doctor tells you so. The past is the past and you need to move on with the future. Look ahead for better times in your life. Things will get brighter and as long as you believe in GOD he won’t let you down. I think that you went through alot and now is your time to shine like a star and you will. Remember one thing GOD does not give us things that we can not handle or deal with. We can’t understand why things like this happen to good people but you have to get up and start walking again before you start to run. Things will get better with time. You will find happiness one day and all these things will be in the past. You will look back 20 years from now and you will see that things do get better and time will help you heal. Take good care of your self. Hope my words have helped in some way or another. GOD bless you always…………

  4. Tiff E.: I don’t doubt you are depressed and have anxiety. You have had more in your short life than most people who are in their 80’s and above. I assume you have a doctor or clinic available; you need counselling/therapy for starters. Ask your doctor’s help or call social services in your area for assistance in getting into a program. Good luck.

  5. an ex xanaex addict,, i took them for 4 years at first it was for my anxiety and depression they used to make me feel stable and better…and then i started abusing them then i went back to taking them less..they are for short tratment only..i became addicted to them and couldnt function well with or on them…i even snuck them into the rehab im at..when i stopped taking them i had a huge convolsion it was so weird but i had god who helped me and so do you..i did alot of mad things when i was on them crashed 2 cars one when i wasnt on them and one when i was on them..i do understand you scared to not have a seizure or an anxiety attack if you stop..but im telling you the longer you take em the worst its gonna be to stop..they are so awful to stop..i went thru huge anxiety when i stopped felt like i was gonna die..sorry dont mean to scare you..but they are verry dangerous,,read all the side effects on them..the changes it does to the brain the damage i should say CANNOT be reversed…if youd like me to let you know more what i went through just let me know…by the way its been 10 months sinece iv stopped taking them and i still have the some side effects…iv damaged my brain with them and they can kill you…try to stop ao reduce the amount slowly tricking your brain..good luck and god bless.

  6. Adriana: Congratulations! The reason you became addicted was because you abused them–took too many. I have weaned myself down to .25 mg. at night before bed from 1.0-1.5 mg. per day. I also take Prozac which really helped me. My goal is to take Xanax only when I feel the need–before a stressful event, etc. That is how it is intended to be taken–as an extra boost during extreme stress. As with everything in life, if you don’t overdo, it will work as planned. Good luck and don’t give up.

  7. Maureen: First let me say that you always make thoughtful, exacting and smart statements that I am sure help many individuals.

    In 2003 at the age of 57 I had an acute depressive episode accompanied by moderate anxiety. Having worked in the field of disability for 30 years I recognized it fairly early and sought out help. I was referred to a wonderful psychiatrist by a close friend who also happens to be a psychiatrist who immediately put me on three medicines, one of them being Xanax. I took somewhere between .75 mg of Xanax in total each day (.25 taken three times a day) until 2004 where I tapered down to .125 mg of Xanax when I get up and .125 mg of Xanax in the evening before bedtime. In the nine years that I have taken .25 mg of Xanax a day I have never taken more or less with the exception of missing probably one dose in either the morning or evening when I forget, which occurs about once or twice a month and one other time when I forgot to take enough meds on a cruise and went without any Xanax for 5 day (without any real problem). My life is full, I am very active in the community, I play with my three young grandchildren about 3 times a week, I serve on my condominium board and I intend to keep taking Xanax until I die. Everyone reacts differently to Xanax and perhaps I am one of the lucky ones who have had 10 stable years on it. But I don’t think anyone can predict with certainly how it will affect anyone and we on this blog tend to see the few who are having terrible problems with the medicine not the many that are like me having no side effects and living a normal stable life. I certainly sympathize with many who have told us their horror stories but I don’t assume that their problems represent a majority of the experiences felt by Xanax users. .

  8. Great that some of you feel that xanax is good for you.  I guess there is no way to tell if this is the majority or not.  I don’t imagine too many people come on this site if they aren’t having a problem with it.  But to me it doesn’t matter.  There are enough who have or are having a terrible experience with it to know it is a dangerous drug. Adriana, I have been completely off Xanax for 10 months also and I also am still having problems.  Glad I quit but would have done it differently had I known what was ahead.  Never even thought of going on a website.  Just took doctor’s advice and never knew anyone who took this medication.  I really cannot stand the doctor now and will never see him again!  Can you please tell me what physical symptoms you have right now.  I am still dealing with muscle tightness and my family doctor has sent me for many tests, I don’t think he quite gets it though.  Liver, diabetes, arthritis etc.  The tight muscles feel more like there is an electrical charge or something.  It is also in my facial muscles,  I do have the odd good days when I think I’m finally over it but then it comes right back.  This has been so long now I can’t believe it.  I think I may have done some nerve damage when I went thru severe withdrawels for almost six weeks.  I have been waiting for someone to post on this site that may have had similar problems that have lasted into the tenth month so I have some hope that it will get better.  If anyone has experienced some physical problems even into their 10th month please let me know.  

  9. I have also had alot of insomnia , just sleeping two or three hours at a time.  But in the last week when I do finally fall asleep, feel like I could sleep forever. 

  10. Elizabeth: hello I have been off Xanax going on 4 months and still have some electric shock feeling, not near like in my first month. When I do wake up or feel stressed my face at times feels twitchy or numb, don’t really know how to explain it. After 1000s of medical test I finally have a Dr. To tell me it’s a part of a W/D. I am not advertising for the
    Benzobuddies site, but I will say I did find more people on there that had the same thing going on with there body as myself. I do know that I will have good days and bad, but everyday gets better. 

  11. Paul Meyer: Thank you for your kind words. Every drug affects each person differently; if it works for you, great. If it doesn’t, you need to go to your doctor and get something else. Same thing with psychiatrists and therapy. After being anxious my entire life and dealing with it on my own, I just thought I would overcome the latest bout on my own as well. But, after a terrible ten years (death of both parents, sister-in-law passed from cancer, brother-in-law went five months later (suspected suicide), loss of my job and inability to get another, among other things), I had reached my breaking point and sought help. I take Prozac and .25 mg. Xanax before bedtime, after weaning myself off .75 mg. per day. I am fortunate in that I now have my life back without any side effects. My advice to everyone is don’t wait until you hit bottom before you seek help. If the first doctor doesn’t help you, get another one. Don’t be afraid of therapy or going to a psychiatrist. You’ve got to do what works for you whatever that may be. My wish is that everyone finds their way back to a happy life, as we have..

  12. Valerie, thanks for your reply.  I have checked out the benzobuddies and have registered but I can’t figure out how to make a post or reply.  I,m fairly new on computers but have caught on quick, but can you please tell me how to  post or reply.  I see there are almost too many posts.  Not as personal as this site.  But I am desperate to find someone who is going thru the same thing.  Also what kind of withdrawels did you go through if you don’t mind me asking?

  13. Elizabeth : once you sign in there. Go to the topic u are interested in I go a lot to recovery and support. On the right side of the page the is start new topic. That will let you type your message. I am crickit on there.  But if you still have trouble go to the help. And it will talk u through. Took me awhile to figure it out. Good luck to you and I’m here if you need me. 

  14. Just out of curiosity has anyone ever experienced hives, cold and numb hands and feet, chills, fatigue, or insomnia after discontinuing use of Xanax?  I have gone through them all.  

  15. Just out of curiosity has anyone ever experienced hives, cold/numb hands and feet, dizziness, and fatigue after discontinue use of Xanax?  I have experienced them all. Thanks!

  16. Amber : I have experienced tingling & numbness in my fingers after the discontinued use of xanax, also dizziness. I have back problems & arthritis in my hands ……….for many years the pain became increasingly worse…..after stopping the xanax the pain has subsided immensly. I believe that this medication was a contributing factor to the pain I was having. I have also spoken to others who have had similar symptoms. It may sound strange that medications can have such side effects like this but………..I truly believe that they can affect each individual in different ways.. Currently I am on 50 mg of Lamictal every other day and am weaning off this also. By December 01, I will be totally drug free….
    it has been a long & difficult recovery but so well worth it. On this Thanksgiving I will be giving thanks that I was given the strength by God to realize that I no longer needed to depend on a drugs that were in fact destroying my life. God Bless All & Happy Thanksgiving !!!

  17. Kathy: Congrautulations on your accomplishment. Have a happy holiday season.

  18. Thanks Maureen !!!!

  19. I am a 26 year old female, and here is a little background- before I get into the really scary part.  Okay, so when I turned 18 I moved to the city my boyfriend was at. (L ong story, short… he was a horrible person, he would call me fat, he slammed the car I was in into a phone pole and I went through the windshield… anyways… he introduced me to xanax and other “recreational” drugs.  I snorted my first xanax 1 mg at age 16.  It kind of just started a huge ball rolling.  When I turned 21, after he tried to kill me, I put everything in my car and pitched a tent, I worked 3 jobs and eventually got my own apartment! (mind you I got a script from my doctor for xanax, and am currently on 1mg 3 times a day) This past year has been nothing short of crazy for me, I had 2 strokes, 11 kidney surgeries, and even a seizure.  I have seen my friend shot in the head, and he was such a great person, he did not deserve that.  My seizure was about 3 weeks ago now, and I was in the hospital for 3 days.  My neurologist cannot answer why I had this extremely scary seizure. (I went to bed, and next thing I know… I am looking at my fiance in the car and he is BAWLING asking me weird questions sayinng “Please don’t die, over and over…he said he had to roll me on my side and open my mouth, and even started CPR on me because I stopped breathing.) Now, I have been educating myself since this seizure, and I can honestly say, I feel I had the seizure because I did not take my xanax that day!  I had actually woke up that day with the worst migraine I have ever had, and I couldn’t stop throwing up.  Now I am on Oxycodone 10 mg too, and that night I started my antibiotic Cipro for my kidney surgery the next day.  When we got to the hospital, I literally kept having spasms…like I would spaz up out of the bed, my eyes would close very hard, my hands were clenched… that’s why I say this, because I was reading above, and just please do not take any electrical feelings lightly, get to the ER!  My ER told me that Cipro on top of the Xanax and Oxycodone could’ve just pushed the limit so I had a seizure…well that is not good enough of an answer for me!  SO, I really think because I did not take even half a xanax that day caused the seizure!  I realize now that drugs of any kinds can be SO dangerous, you really have to do your own research, because the Doctors are just getting paid to write you those scripts, and you NEVER know what may happen! 

  20. I’ve been on xanax pushing over twenty years yes twenty plus    I stopped drinking 6
    And a half years sinse that ive had no problems i take up to 3 

    Mg dayly and i feel the best ive felt in along time when i got off  the juice ive neved fe iveh 

  21. Anyhow im good wifh .I OIIOI9O

    If there is something for you let me know and yesui

  22. Iname is scott  number is 

    4141. hang iin there!

  23. With GOD in the scriptures wrote throu his spirit: do not  by might do not by power, but my spirit says the lord of host.      God listen your prayers, never doubt it.

  24. Honestly i would suggest a church cause ive been through atlot in my life as well and it God definetly helps. but the thing is dont just go to the first church you find, go to different churchs until you find the one that feels right. if you’re not ready to give your life to the Lord i honestly would suggest marijuana. its less harmful but should still help. please dont judge me on the marijuana answer because God has brought me a long way to where ive stopped drinking and smoking but i still have a long way to go. i guess you could say im a work-in-progress

  25. I have been taking Xanax for about 4 years through an extremely stressful divorce.  My life is much calmer now and I decided there was no longer a need for this drug.  My doctor told me how to wean myself off and am currently down to 1/2 tablet every third night.  I have always used it mainly for sleep, as I have a very long history of insomnia which seems to be rearing its ugly head again especially during the second night without any Xanax.  Can anyone tell me how long this part of the withdrawal will last?  Up until now, it’s gone rather smoothly.

  26. I have been taking Xanax for about 4 years now and I want to get off it.  It just so happens my doctor is so busy and his assistant/nurse did not authorize my refill for November.  Really??? Guess what now…..I am having tingling and numbness in the cheeks, nose and upper lip. Has anyone else experienced these side effects?

  27. Yes I sure did, at one time I could not talk. It’s a sign of W/D. 

  28. Every person goes through different W/D. Mine lasted with the numbness and tingling for about 2 months along with shaking, loud sounds really bothered me. My nerves seem shot all the time. But you can get through this, it just takes time. God bless

  29. Valery,  Thanks for the reply.  Blessings to you as well.

  30. Hey tiff ….
    I know ppl like to live these smart as coments like … Be strong …..I feel ur pain…. But that’s all crap …. I wouldn’t never understand ur pain or even relate to …. But I do understand ur emotions some what … Resently I was involved in very bad accident that left me handycaped ….. The guy ran a stop sign… I was clinically dead for 7 hours …. The inguries that my body sustained is to great to list ….. I have my medical history is about 700 pages …. Doctors couldn’t  believe that I was still alive …. But the pain that I have to go thru every day I wish I would die honestly … Doctors prescribe my oxys 30mg .. Gabapanta …. Percocet … And bunch other med for my heart (I’m on hart failure n currently in line for hart transplant)  .. But the point that I’m trying to make is everything is In Ur hands and only ur hands…. And no matter what I’m going thru I’m greatfull for every breath I take….. Even tho some of my family members die from what happened to me … I was in comma for 3.5 months … And before this accident I was on my way to become bodybuilder …. That was my dream n I was very close to achieving it ….so when doctors told mei can’t do anything even walk again that devestadted ….. I’m only 20 n they told me I won’t ever have kids …my wife left me when I was in the hospital …. When I tell u what happened to me u would think I’m lying but unfortunately it’s sad true …. So if u feel like u need to take that medicine don’t hesitate …. Only remember you are in control of ur own actions no matter how hard the couse might be !!!!! 

  31. Ive been on xanax over 5 year started at 9 mg a day. trying to covince dr to keep me on them because I end up in hospitak everytime they reduce my doses. they work for me and 8 can funtion on the. one doctor said I shouldnt ever be removed from the but all doctors are different. how do I get them to listen. before they kill me

  32. Leslie: I would go to another doctor immediately. No one should stop taking any medication without medica .supervision to help you through withdrawal. A new doctor (perhaps psychiatrist) can wean you off Xanax with less withdrawal symptoms. When you get your head screwed on right and get your life back, I would investigate suing the doctor (and his staff) who refused to refill your Xanax and then ignoring you. That could be grounds for malpractice. Good luck.

  33. Serg: May God bless you and keep you. Good luck with the transplant

  34. Ms. Theresa: Get another doctor (recommend psychiatrist) to help you understand why you “need” Xanax and to help you off them. Perhaps taking an anti-depressant (Prozac, Lexipro) will help you wean off Xanax. That along with therapy, either from psychiatrist or another person, should help you tremendously. 9 mg. of Xanax is too much; Xanax stays in your system for four hours; you are taking more than 24 hours worth every day. Not good and not how the drug was intended to work. Good luck!

  35. Maureen : 
    Thank u so much …. I will try to do my best … Lol but sadly it’s not my hands anymore … One day at a time 

  36. I need help!  My brother is currently addicted to Xanax. He does have a prescription but bc he abuses them he finds other ways of getting more. When he comes off of the Xanax he becomes angry, aggressive and his girlfriend who lives with him constantly fight and the only way to calm him down is another pill. This has been going on now for what I believe to be over a year or so. His girlfriend has moved out three times and the police have been called twice.  I know his addiction is not her fault but she is very negative and I know is not helping the situation.  It gets worst every week and I just don’t know how to help him. I’m afraid he will get arrested or even worst hurt himself or someone else. How can I help him?  I cant force him but He has to know he has a problem. Our parents continuously worry but believes him everytime he says he’s fine.  When do you say enough is enough?

  37. Sounds like a. Intervention is need, People told me for years I was addictive to Xanax and I would say no I’m not, well I was. It had to be my choice to get off them because its sad to say but doctors see know problem and still write out scrips for the drug. Or people with addiction find other ways of getting this med.  it may take everyone giving tuff love to make a person see what this drug is doing to them and people around them.  God bless

  38. Mary: You’re at the polint where enough is enough. Your brother belongs in a rehab program, or at the very least, should be under the care of a psychiatrist who will wean him off the Xanax and offer or recommend therapy/therapist. Just because he is not having a problem with heroin or cocaine, doesn
    t mean that this situation is not serious and cannot continue. Perhaps a family intervention to get him to seek help? Or talk to the doctor who is prescribing the Xanax and tell him what is going on. I’m sure your brother is on his best behavior when he is with the dr. and assures him that he is just fine. Is there a friend or family member he will listen to? He has got to come to grips with the fact that he has a problem and he must want to get help. Also, what about a priest or minister? Good luck and God bless

  39. Maureen, totally agree with you!

  40. This is crazy – I’ve been taking one .5mg a day for about 7 months and am now feeling horribly depressed and have had some suicidal thoughts. Can Xanax do this at such a low dose?  I tried cutting down to one .25mg a day but the anxiety and withdrawal symptoms were unbearable. What do I do?  I almost feel like checking myself in somewhere. 

  41. Nancy: Go to your doctor immediately and discuss what is going on with you. I do not have problems with Xanax; however, I know that it can affect some people in the way you described. Perhaps, you need Prozac or Lexipro or some other anti-depressant, which might do the trick for you and allow you to wean yourself off the Xanax. Don’t delay; suicidal thoughts are nothing to play with. Good luck.

  42. Thanks for responding Maureen and Valery. I don’t know what kind of response I was expecting other than “Intervention!” I just don’t even know where to begin. And I’ve already tried bringing him close to God but it just causes an argument. Thank you for caring.

  43. Thank you for the advice, Maureen.  Will be calling my doctor today. 

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