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6 Months of Health and Life!

Health and Life has been up for 6 months now, and some of you might be wondering, What on earth is it?

I think the story is best told by the people the site has helped.

A grandmother who just had a knee replacement and her doctor tells her she isn’t really feeling pain. Or a 50 year old executive who is feeling depressed, overwhelmed by his ADHD. A 20 year old college student trying to better understand if she’s the only one with a side effect from her diabetes medication.

That I’ve been able to help them, and thousands more, by providing easy to understand articles on medical topics is a great honor, joy and pleasure.

There have been some downright shocking moments, like when a woman shared how her perfectly happy but anxious son committed suicide days after starting an antidepressant. And like when I was invited to the Carribeans to deliver a presentation by a complete stranger nicknamed “the Reverend.”

6 months. 80 articles. Hundreds of hours pouring over medical articles looking for information that is accurate, not overly controlled by Big Pharma. Then hundreds of hours trying to make that information easy to understand, accessible and, if at all possible, – fun!

Articles that evoked controversy, debate, as well as plain old “Do you have symptoms of Diabetes” ones. Entrepreneurialism – finding what others aren’t doing, and delivering it so that people get what they want.

Good times, hard times like when a virus shut down the site, but always a new article, a new subject. So many controversies, so much change, so much possibility – the world of medicine is changing, but what isn’t is who it impacts – People.

Is a new drug safe? What about its side effects? What about the fact that 5 people fainted in the studies? Or how was its effectiveness measured – and when will we get an independent analysis of the results?

We all want better information, want to understand our health. Health and Life, one article at time, is hopefully helping people with just that.

Thanks for reading!

Very best wishes for a new year.

Your main writer,

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  1. Thanks for your articles. I have a granddaughter with ADHD. Your articles have helped me to understand the medications she has to take daily. Because I am a pastor who counsels regularly with people, any articles that deals with psychiatric medications would be helpful. Again, thanks for your helpful articles.

    • Dear Charles,

      Thanks for writing and letting me know that the articles have been useful. We actually do have a guide to treating depression, which may be one of the more common issues you may see, under our “depression” section. Are there any other issues or conditions that occur especially often and you might appreciate some input into what the science currently says?

      Best wishes,

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