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Long Term Effects of Adderall

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Adderall is a popular stimulant treatment for ADHD and is used illicitly as a drug for its energy inducing effects.

What are the long term effects of Adderall?  Does it keep working, or do you develop tolerance if you have ADHD?

Please note that this piece is written assuming use is within therapeutic range for ADHD and not at the high doses typical with abuse.

Have you ever wondered what the difference really is between Adderall and Ritalin? Find out here.

Also, an ADHD Test Made for Adults may be of interest.

Summary of long term effects of Adderall

Mental: Increased focus, attention, motivation.  Reduction of ADHD symptoms.

Heart: Use of Adderall or related stimulants for more than a year increases your diastolic blood pressure by ~ 3-5mm HG, systolic blood pressure by ~ 2-5mm HG and your heart rate ~ 3-5 beats per minute.  Additionally, it is possible that ECG testing will show slight electrical activity differences.

This is almost always not good (except possible in someone with initial low blood pressure), but is it bad?  Some argue that these increases don’t have any direct health implications, while others argue that they can show a 20% increase in emergency room use for heart issues in kids who use stimulants.

Before using stimulants, it may make sense to get some basic cardiac testing.

Brain: Some studies have shown that stimulant use in people with ADHD may increase the size of certain parts related to controlling focus, motivation and attention.  This is very positive.  Some studies we’ve looked at of students on long term use of stimulants showed improvement in overall academic performance as well.

On the other hand, some animal models have hinted at the possibility that use of stimulants can increase the build up of free radicals in the brain.  Even if this is the case, it might be amenable by healthy consumption of anti-oxidants.

Appeptite/weight: Amphetamines like Adderall are among the best appetite suppressers.  This led to their wide abuse as diet pills and may cause unwanted weight reduction in people who use them.  Long term use in kids has been shown to be associated with slight weight loss and even possibly slight height reduction.

ADHD Treatment Effect: Many people taking stimulants ask the question – will they stop working?  The news seems to be good, however.

Researcher Doctor Biederman reports that in a study of several hundred patients over 1-2 years, for most, stimulant medications continued to work well at a steady dose.

Doctor Hallowell, coauther of Driven to Distraction, reports that in almost all cases, tolerance to ADHD medication does not develop, but is possible.  Dr. Paul Wender, a noted researcher into ADHD, reports that tolerance is rare, and most patients can take stimulants for many years without problem.

Dr. Ari Tuckman, a clinician who has treated hundreds if not thousands of people with ADHD, reports in an interview with us that most often, ADHD meds can be used at therapeutic dose daily for years without losing efficacy.

Of the dozens of research papers reviewed, very few mentioned that developing long term tolerance was a limiting factor in treating ADHD.  Even then, it is almost always the case that tolerance can be reduced or removed by temporarily stopping treatment.

That said, there could be more research and data on this subject.

What does that mean?

With the increasing use of amphetamines to treat ADHD and as recreational drugs, more and more people want to know – are they safe for long term use?  What potential side effects come with use over time?  And, this is exceptionally important, do they continue to treat ADHD over time or does drug tolerance develop?

There have not been that many studies into the long term effects of Adderall.  One thing we know is that stimulants do have some cardiovascular effects which can be serious for at risk people.  That said, one study of several hundred people over 2 years of mixed amphetamine salt treatment (the generic for Adderall), showed no clinically relevant heart effects – at least according to the doctors and researchers who did the trial.  A few people did drop out because of heart related concerns like palpitations and excessive heart rate.

Additionally, a retrospective analysis of about 2,000,000 kids treated over time with stimulant medications showed that 456 went to the emergency room with heart related issues.  When you control for how many kids would normally go to the ER in a sample that large, this represents a 20% increase in risk for heart problems.

Remember, there is a black box warning on stimulants because of their potential for heart complications.

In terms of developing tolerance to the therapeutic effect in treating ADD/ADHD: the data seems to very strongly suggest that tolerance does not develop over a year or two year period, and that use of extended release formulations may increase efficacy due to smoother release.

Attenuation of side effects?

It is possible that with time, the side effects of stimulants become attenuated, or less significant.  For instance, one study showed that a significant amount of people experienced insomnia, depression or weight loss at start of use of stimulant medication.

But near the end of a year, only 1% still had a reduction in appetite that would lead to weight loss, and no one reported insomnia (which sounds a little over-optimistic.  Everyone has insomnia sometimes.)  This may be, however, because those who had serious difficulty with those issues stopped using the medication.

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  1. my name is johnny, im thinking about trying adderall with in the next week. Im 20 years old, and not really sure whn im getting myself into, just want the feeling lifted. Anyone give me advice?

    • I have been taking Adderall for 3 years now. Im 28, in school full time earning my bachelors degree in health science, and work part time as a nurse tech. Taking medication to treat my ADHD was very scary at first, but it made a really big difference in my life. Due to its focus aiding power, I have been able to maintain a high stress job, and make my way through school with much greater success than without.
      The side effects are quite considerable, and need to seriously be taken into account before usage, but in my humble opinion, the changes I have made have made me more driven and focused. Big time difference, which is noticed by everyone around me.
      Side effects, as recorded by primary data, are as follows: Heightened alertness and mental acuity, irritability and loss of patients for nonsense and silliness, Loss of interest in making new friends, unless you can work together towards a common goal, and severe insomnia.

  2. @ John, I am 47, and have issues related to ADD. My doctor (under duress from my wife) prescribed Adderall to me. He gave me 10 mg. tablets. The instructions are to take 1 tablet twice a day (20 mg total), and not to take them any later than 6 or 7 hours before bed. My doctor told me that he did not recommend taking the whole dose; rather, maybe a whole tablet in the morning, and 1/2 tablet in the afternoon. He also said not to drink more than 1 cup of coffee when taking the pills. I, of course, didn’t listen. I took both pills the first day, AND drank a cup of coffee…big mistake. My resting pulse was between 80 and 90, I couldn’t sleep, I had tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and EVERYTHING seemed much louder than it really was! I eventually discovered that 1/2 pill in the morning (and a cup of coffee :-) ) was OK. This dosage does not cause my heart to race. I could take 1/2 pill in the afternoon too, but I prefer coffee because it wears off quicker, and I love coffee. I don’t know if caffeine has quite the same biological effects as Adderall though. (I just read an article that says the half life of Adderall is 10 hours ,and caffeine is 6 hours. That means 1/2 of the drug is still active in your body after the time of the half life, so taking the pill past noon just sounds like insanity to me. Drinking coffee after lunch sounds like a much better alternative than taking another 5 mg of Adderall!) As far as being effective, this stuff really works! My mind doesn’t wander, and I don’t engage in obsessive/compulsive thoughts and behaviors while on it. I can’t say what life will be like in the long run, but right now, it seems to work. I have other issues (low testosterone) that I am getting checked out that are related to my symptoms, and I may not need Adderall in the future, but for now, it does the job! I really caution you not to over-do it with this drug because it can wear you out! (I just can’t believe they give it to kids! Do parents really know the effects of this drug on their kids? I suggest that they take one before giving it to their kids – it won’t kill you, and if it does, you just saved your kid’s life!) Good luck!

  3. Mr. Unknowing – thank you for the insight.  I stopped taking Adderall when I got pregnant.  That was 3 1/2 years ago.  Add to that “mom brain”, and I still feel like I was never THIS bad before I started taking Adderall.  Hoping once I get this kiddo weaned and maybe start some kind of daily exercise, I’ll be able to keep my thoughts straight.  I have NO idea how I’m going to handle a job if this continues.  But hey, my brain could come back!

  4. I am now 50yrs old, I am a female, and I am on week 8 of being off adderall after over 15 years and I hate it.  I have  Narcolepsy (sleep disorder) so adderall keeps me from being sleepy.  On week 6, I ended in the emergency room here is why.  I was in the kitchen just starting to make dough for dinner when all of a sudden I felt dizzy and the room was spinning. I sat down and tried to shake it off but it would not get better, I could not even walk – I was stumbling around. I also had difficulty breathing and nausea and racing heart feeling.  I My mother and sister took me to the hospital, I was there for 2 days then was released with medication for nausea and vertigo.  A brain scan showed an abnormality swelling close to my brain (unknown possible ear or middle ear) but no damage to my brain –  my brain is 100% in tact – GOOD.  I am not dizzy anymore after 2 weeks but very weak and no  energy. The reason I stopped taking adderall was because for the past year I felt my heart racing fast several times a week and sometimes everyday.  I sometimes would wake in the middle of the night feeling my heart beating fast and difficulty breathing.  I hate being so tired, I wish I had adderall right now to give me some energy.  I am so sleepy all the time, I have 4 kids and one granddaughter that lives with me and my husband.  Oh did I mention granny lives with us and she is 82 yrs old and now has more energy than I do.  I was on a low dose of 10 mg twice a day.  My doctor gave me 20 mg per day 10 mg twice a day.  I wish I had adderall right now, I would not be sitting here sleepy.  

    • I’m somewhat doubtful you will see my response, but I wish you would. :~} I’ve been on adderall for almost one year. My does went from 10 to 15 short release to 30 mg XR. Today I feel strangely very low energy. There are many, many possible reasons for low energy and I think it is of great benefit to see a wholistic health practitioner and certainly not a conventional doctor, because they learn nothing about energy, which is related to nutrition, which they also learn nothing about. I also know that I have been shorting myself on sleep by about an hour and then catch up on the weekends — because my workload is a bit nuts and I have a commute. I also know that I have not been taking my favorite supplement for energy for the past 14 years, Spirulina. Instead of coffee. It is naturally excellent for energy. That said, you could for example have a poorly absorbing GI tract. The large part of the intestine, that absorbs nutrients. You may be eating processed food, from soil without nutrients, and also availing yourself of the toxic products of this modern world that are in lotions and so forth, let alone food. And why not take a very small dose of adderall as well.But I would walk into a health food store and a wholistic health practitioner and get your blood and/or your saliva tested. Much information can be uncovered that way. Exercise also generates a lot of energy. And supplements/vitamins/minerals. The solution is very, very often nutritional.

  5. Carla, I am sorry to hear about your condition! Did they ever tell you what caused the swelling? Maybe that is also causing your low energy. I would definitely get that checked out! I don’t like to put bandaids on problems, I like to fix the CAUSE of the problem! That is why I didn’t want to take too much Adderall until I found out how low testosterone was affecting my energy. And, of course, I needed to see if I could discover what was causing my low testosterone FIRST (no luck there, seems to be biological hypogonadism). So, I will take testosterone supplements, and if that doesn’t fix my other problems, I will have to take Adderall (and make sure I get enough sleep and exercise). I just started taking T supplements, and they have their own little surprises! Went to ER the other night with uncontrollable chills, and the inability to catch my breath! Turns out there is this thing called ‘testosterone flu’ that noboy bothered to tell me about (would have saved me a couple hundred dollars)! Slept like a baby last night though, so I think that is a step in the right direction! Good luck to you! Make sure you get an answer on that swelling; be aggressive if they don’t give you an answer!

  6. Naltrexone attenuates the effects of Adderrall and minimizes impulsive tendencies related to hyper-sexuality. Trazadone is an effective anti-depressant for withdrawal and restoring sleep. Cardiovascular exercise, and B vitamins are other important considerations in kicking this aggressive addiction. 

  7. Thank you for the article and insight into this challenging disorder. I really enjoyed the read. However, I wish you had listed sources to these claims as I would like more background info and to really read into some scientific studies/journal publications on some of the issues you discussed. Any help? Thanks. -Mark

  8. Follow this link for current research on Naltrexone for amphetamine dependence (see below). The most crucial step to stopping an aggressive amphetamine addiction is sabotaging your prescription. Naltrexone will not be effective if you continue to use amphetamine. Also there is new research on drugs that inhibit amphetamine induced sensitization in rats. (See article on Ritaseri which is a serotonin 5-HT2 antagonist). Interestingly, Trazadone also works on 5-HT2 serotonin.

  9. ExperiencedWithAdderall

    Tolerance buildup can definitely occur with Adderall. Use it only when you need it..and take drug holidays as frequently as humanly possible. It can work wonderfully well, but realize NOTHING COMES FOR FREE in life… so intelligently manage your relationship with this powerful medication from the get-go.

    There are literally thousands of posts or comments on the web from users regarding the need to increase Adderall dosage due to tolerance. (including a few comments to this very article). I have personally experience with it myself. Good Luck.

  10. When on adderall long term you HAVE to take breaks. This is why its good if you run out early  (cause you’ve been using more than prescribed) 

                      When you have to rely on those skills adderall helps us with, but when sober, it helps you’re sober self reconcile with your adderall-self , and you can literally “recharge your batteries” 

                  So that when you go back on adderall , its always a pleasureable experience instead of a negative one

  11. Hi, 
    My doc put me on Ritalin, and I find I am taking quite a bit. I have read better things about Adderall as far as it lasting longer during the day? My doc has placed me on the med because I am having great difficulty staying awake during the day. I do suffer from bi-polar so I am familiar with effects meds can have on you and having to try this and that to get the right match. I have been doing a lot of research because I have never been put on Ritalin before, (he put me on Provigil previously with no luck). After reading through some of the comment here it seems as that as though the people who are having some issues with staying awake during the day are having luck. Can anyone give me some advice? These types of meds are new to me, and it would be great to hear from people who have experience and not just what the doc says. Especially after I seem to be taking so much of the Ritalin….  That can’t be good. Thank you for any help :) 

    • Hi. Our bodies are all different. I myself have almost never been tired during the day on adderall, and I fall asleep just like before. I have always been a great sleeper. I admit I am tired today, and that’s a great lesson in moderation for me, just like Andy, and ‘Experienced..’ say. I doubled my dose 3 months ago, and it’s time to chill-!! I’ve been taking adderall for one year, and in my case it’s 30 mg and extended release. But about 20 years ago I started eating organically and cut out lots of junk food – not all! And then I added spirulina and that has been an amazing natural energy booster, BUT, I had also added yoga and weight-lifting at that time too. Adderall is a miraculous addition because my attention span and memory were taking a dive a year or two ago. And I never had depression until a year ago but that was situational. Take Care ~!

  12. Penelope K Davies


    I have been on Effexor for over five years, tired all the time with no disire to do anything. Recently I was admitted to hospital with sever depression, after talking to several doctors I was diagnosed with ADD which after reading the symptons I totally agree . I am about to start Ritalin, and after reading every ones comments I am feeling very positive that at long last I might start to enjoy life again. Thank you

  13. I’m 31 and I’ve been on Adderall XR for ADHD since I was a teenager. I have always taken my pills as directed- it’s the first thing I do every morning. However, no one is perfect. It doesn’t happen often, but if I’m running late or I get distracted and forget to take my pill, I definitely notice the difference. I make dumb mistakes, I forget what I’m doing, I’m easily distracted, I’m hyper- a friend said, “you’re like a ferret when you dont take your pill, you’re fidgety and picking up everything”, I end up staring off into space without realizing how long I’ve been doing it, etc. Am I dependent? Yes, and I’m ok with that. The benefits far outweigh the negatives. I’m also conscientious about Adderall mixing with other drugs and refuse to take any type of pain medicine unless it’s absolutely necessary. I’ve had 6 surgeries over the last 15 yrs (including 2 shoulder reconstructions, a hysterectomy, etc) and a spinal ablation for arthritis and not once have I taken a pain killer. 1) I’ve never felt pain after a procedure, but 2) I’m afraid of an interaction and my Adderall takes priority.

    Just my two cents.

    • I agree with you completely on the dumb mistakes, forget what I’m doing, etc. My adderall is a total priority because my thoughts, actions, behavior are soooo much better on it. I had decided never to go on pharmaceuticals but last year my memory and attention span was taking a dive and my dad had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimers, and the combination (and a friend handing me a pill) led me to try adderall. My only mistake was not taking it years sooner. I will never believe in conventional meds, with this one exception. Brain function is basic and essential. Thanks for your post too. :-}}

      • Glad it’s helping you. There have been tons of people on Adderall over the years that have had great experiences and it made their lives easier. People on forums tend to be unhappy with their medications. I hate that people read about others’ bad reactions and get scared away from something that could be beneficial. As with all things, you have to find what works best for you. If it’s not Adderall, try something else.

  14. I was prescribed adderal ER 20mg daily after the 5th day I ended up in the ER I couldn’t breath my bp was elevated and my hr with in the 120s I was dizzy and didn’t feel right. They did blood cultures gave me fluids and oxygen and sent me home a few hours later. I was so dizzy I couldn’t stand up for days went to my family dr he treated me for an inner ear infection when the symptoms didn’t get better I went to an ENT who said my ears where fine and started me on a medication for vertigo again the symptoms continued then after many tests they said I didn’t have vertigo… I have been to the cardiologist and after wearing a heart monitor for 30 days she cleared me of any heart problems but I still have the spiny head think I’m gonna pass out and feel it is hard to breath at times I’ve had CT scans with and without contrast and an MRI all off which showed nothing abnormal this had been going on for 10 months and j just want to be normal again.. Anyone else ever have these symptoms after taking adderol for such a short period… I’m afraid to go anywhere other then work and home for fear I might blackout of stop breathing and I I use to live on coffee now I can’t even finish one cup the effects are greatly intensified when I have just a small amount of coffee no matter what time of day but I can drink soda with no problems I scheduled to see a neurologist next month any ideas on what the problem could be I was a perfectly healthy 37 yr old until my run in with adderol and I just wanna go back to that??? Help anyone that can shed any light on my symptoms please!!! My doctor seems to think I’m fine but I’m positive there is something wrong its in my head for sure but don’t know the cause????

    • Hey Kat, I’m sorry to hear about what your going through. I have Experienced the same things you have. But I didn’t make the smart choice and go to the doctor. Do you ever hold your breath? I’ve found that when i take adderal if i hold my breath for anything past 10-20 seconds my eyes get Dark and i Basically faint. I’ve had periods of 3-5 hours of constant dissyness. Just Recently I was at a 5000 person Tail gate party for the Seahawks vs Falcons Sense i’m a hawks fan the suspense of the game almost caused me to calapse. My heart felt like it was beating at a million miles a minute. and i couldn’t breath. I believe this to be a Mixture of your body’s natural chemicals and the adderal causing a sudden and abrupt increase of your hearts BPM. I haven’t found a Solution for this problem but will let you all know if i do find one.

      Also! People Please listen… When you go see a Doctor. don’t believe everything he tells you… They are Practicing Doctors. Notice the First Word. They don’t know your body, you do. Be careful and listen to what your body tells you. More times than not its the right call! :)

      Hope this Helps

      ~Mr. Unknowing

    • It’s hard to read your post. Some periods at end of sentences would be good. I am not sure what is going on with you but yes, as Shelly says. You have continued on the adderall – with these effects? If so, stop. That’s the first thing. Or cut your dose in half, etc. Or again, as Shelly says. Cheers.

  15. Have you tried decreasing your Adderall to 5 or 10 mg and building up slowly? That’s what my Dr did when I was a teenager and my Dr when I went back on it in my early 20′s. It could just be that Adderall isn’t the right fit for you. Talk to your Dr about trying one of the non-stimulant medications.

    The paperwork that came with your pills explains the side effects and possible interactions with certain beverages, coffee in particular. Regardless of the medication, you should always find out the best beverage to drink it down with (and you should always take pills with a drink). Milk, the acids in juices, and caffeinated drinks can effect the release of medications, the absorbtion of the medicine, how well it performs overall, and can possibly react badly and cause negative side effects.

    • The Best advice any of us could give anyone thinking of starting adderal is what Shelly says here. Start low and work your way up and find what fits you. Also taking them everyday isn’t reccomended. i take weekends off from adderal so my body doesn’t get use to it to quickly. Thumbs up Shelly!

  16. Does anyone else on Adderal get recommend by your doc for regular cardio check ups? I sometimes had palpatations and flushing in my face, and I remember my doctor saying 5 years ago that the would ask me to do this, but never did!

  17. anthony mcbee

    any meds you take for add, or adhd will have side affects after lone peroids of use….. i just read about new meds being used but i dont think any will work as well as adderal or ritlen…good luck

  18. Hi have been told I have Adh and have been prescribed Ritalin. I have been on Effexor for years tried to stop absolutely not worth the misery of withdrawal. Has anyone tried Ritalin and Effexor together. ?

  19. I am a recovering addict and I started with 20mg Qty:2 daily Adderall (Amphetamine salts) (Generic)later tapered down to 30mg Qty:1 daily as it was a better recommendation for me, and for the past 8 months i have been taking this medication it has done wonder’s for my work performance/ethic, it has increased my attention and concentration (especially during the beginning of consumption of the dosage) as well as maintains throughout the entire period of wake time.It gives me the motivation to get started and keeps me focused on completing everything that is a priority and gets me to begin anything that i constantly think about, but never actually do. In months I have taken it , I started taking college seriously, loved going to school, writting, reading and
    finished school, got all prepared to move on and as i use it now to maintain my daily life, i begin, prepare and complete everything that may be boring or secondary to a person who has ADD w/ the medication it motivates a person to do things weather they like it or not and in return i learn allot about my self and my abilities,skills. i also get high self-esteem due to the fact that im productive, creative, stable and practical and motivated to just learn and accomplish things. For it being a risk for addicts , i agree if the person taking it chooses to abuse it, but that could happen with anything! I take it as prescribed attend self help meetings and i have not seen a problem for me. As long as someone takes it for appropriate reasons and not for recreational purposes, they will get the benefits of the treatment they desire. Some side effects i can defiantly say it will produce is decrease in appetite,low or high blood pressure if taken without food or too much caffeine products, irritability, and at times might cause aggressive/ impulsive behavior( based on the person’s anger management skills, so i speak for myself it has caused that behavior.) but most of the time it does produce a calming effect to keep you still, seated and focused.
    I love the results iv’e gotten and don’t know how long i will have to use it but i have seen major improvement before the medication is consumed as oppose to before i ever started, it does work if you work it as needed.

  20. My name is Laura and I’m currently 20. I have been taking Adderrall (mostly in generic) for about 13 years. (And unheard of amount of time). Most of
    these studies seem to only take 2 years. I don’t know what effect taking this stimulant for this amount of time could be doing to me. I’ve been researching alternative, non-amphetamine ADHD medications and Stattera sounds a bit sketchy to me.

    Any advice?

  21. Im 20 and today is the first time I’ve taken adderall. I took a 20mg XR in the morning and hour after eating a decent breakfast. It took maybe 30 min for me to notice the effects really kick in. This drug is absolutely amazing. The only problem is my mind still wonders and sparks interest in topics I don’t really need to know right now (I currently have 15 wikipedia tabs open).

    I’ve read quite a bit on possible side effects in both short term and long term use and my major concern right now is development of dependency after extended use. I’m afraid that if I use this drug for the next, say, 5 years and decide to stop, my brain will be much more scattered off the drug than it is now. I understand that the body will need time to re-stabilize after stopping the drug (like any drug). I also understand that I will feel like I’m being highly unproductive compared to if I were to continue usage. Has anyone here, who is still in the 25-35 range, stopped using after a long period of time and feel like they’re worse off than they were before they started? I know the article said that there is no evidence that a tolerance to adderall can develop but has anyone noticed reduced performance over the long run (aside from that which can be attributed to aging)?

  22. I’m male early 30s and I’ve been taking 25Mg of Adderall XR for about 5 years with only a few minor interruptions. It still works well and I feel it helps me to focus on more detail-oriented work. The effects of amphetamine are much different, I’ve found, than caffeine. Caffeine boosts my energy levels while only slightly affecting my ability to focus or think through difficult problems to come up with a logical solution. Adderall, on the other hand, increases my capacity for processing information while also boosting my energy level. It makes me feel like “this must be how God originally created man’s mind” before the fall and harmful mutations were introduced into the human gene pool.

    When I first started taking Adderall XR, I was surprised how wired it made me feel. I could clean my house in half an hour. Eventually though, this almost restless energy died down and I was able to focus better without feeling jittery. There are some side effects I’ve not heard discussed but that I’ve experienced. I tend to be very analytical so I’ve taken inventory of these changes.

    Other Side Effects:
    - Time feels like it passes very quickly. This was strange to me because I felt like I was able to do more with my time so the days should feel longer but not so. On the contrary, days when I forget my medication drag on, and on, and on.
    - Interpersonal changes – I’ve noticed this not just in myself but also in a friend of mine who is on Adderall XR. When you are on the medication, you can tend to be very calculating, exacting and curt to the point of coming across as a robot. When I am off my medication, I tend to be more caring and affectionate.
    - Memory loss – This one I’m not sure about. I know a lack of sleep can affect short-term memory and you can survive with less sleep while on Adderall XR. That being said, I’ve noticed since I’ve been on the medication a general loss of short-term memory, particularly for idendifiers like street names, words and people’s names.
    - Lethargy when off medication – If I go any more than 1-1/2 days off the medication after I have been taking it consistently, I basically become comotose for about another day and a half. After that transition, I can feel my energy level return to normal.
    - Physical fitness – I’ve noticed that when I am on my medication, I get winded more easily doing cardiovascular exercise. My heart feels like it is beating extra hard and I have to tone it down to be safe.

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