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The Top 5 Depression Songs

Feeling depressed?  As follows, are 5 depression songs that capture some of what it might feel like.  But even as we present them, please remember that clinical depression is treatable.

1) Alone Again, Naturally

This Gilbert o’Sullivan classic is about a man who is stood up at the altar by his wife-to-be.  Its dull beat, wry cynicism and confrontation – “if God exists / why did he desert me?” made it a chart topper when it came out.

An oldie but goodie, captures the sorrow of depression that can make even optimism painful.

2) Fire and Rain

The great singer James Taylor was going through a rough period in his life which culminated in the loss of a good friend of his.  To commemorate her and express his pain, he wrote this beautiful song.  One of many great quotes from it:  “Lord knows when the cold wind blows / it’ll turn your head around.”

A strong metaphor for hard times.

3) Numb

Linkin Park shouts out how they have “become so numb.”  Raging, aggressive and powerful, this song can capture the feeling of deep rage that you feel – even as you barely have the strength to go on.  The anger is turned inwards, and you have become numb; exactly what this song portrays.

4) I hope tomorrow is like today

Dull, mellow and sad, this song captures the negative outlook that accompanies depression.  When depressed, we can forget that things will get better.  Even when we’re stuck in a rut, we’re scared by change – or the hard things we would have to do to make it happen.

“I hope tomorrow is like today” – there is something deeply sad about that statement.

5) Rehab

This catchy song has a superficially optimistic beat – but it has a darker energy underneath.  In it, Amy Winehouse shares the painful feelings in her soul in this pop song.  She acts out her depression by drinking and living aggressively, and the people around her just want her to get help.

The doctors tell her that they, “just think you’re depressed.”

But that doesn’t stop her from drinking her woes away.

This song has a tragic follow-up – poor Amy did end up in rehab not too long after this song came out.

If these songs depressed you too much, please remember that depression is treatable.  Napoleon once said, “if things don’t change, I’ll throw myself in front of a cart.”  Mozart said that his heart was like a frozen wasteland.  People can overcome depression.

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