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The Very Best Pharma Blogs & Resources

There is a lot going on in the world of Pharmaceuticals.  Drugs are being discovered, being marketed, and, far too often it seems, being recalled.

How much will a new medication sell?  Will it make through the clinical trials without being thrown out for lack of efficacy, toxicity, or other issues?

Does it have any inconvenient problems?

If you want to know, read on.  We’ve spent the last few weeks compiling and analyzing a list of the most interesting and useful pharmaceutical bloggers and resources.  This list of resources takes you through the ins and outs of Big Pharma.

Pharma Analysis

Top Pharma Analyst

If you want to keep up to date with issues related to pharmaceuticals and the companies that make them, this is the list of the top ten Pharma analyst blogs.

#1 Pharmalot

How can we describe the value Pharmalot provides?

Visiting Pharmalot is something we do daily – we can give no blog or resource a higher compliment.  Ed Silverman has the experience to cut through the news and provide readers with the most important tidbits along with pertinent thoughts.

And for those interested in Pharma, the daily email can be quite valuable.

#2 PharmaGossip

Pharmagossip is recognized for horribly accurate, sharp and incisive analysis.  You can feel the author’s passion and concern for upholding ethical standards in almost any post.

Just don’t read before going to sleep or before discussions on whether man is inherently good or bad.

Pharmagossip is a blog that can change how you think about things while keeping up with important pharma news.

#3 In the Pipeline

What’s wrong with Dioxygen Difluoride and how accurate are HER2 receptor tests?

Derek Lowe does an excellent job of analyzing drugs, especially those that are in the pipeline and being developed.  He’s the kind of guy who points out flaws in a medication a month before clinical trials reveal it’s a dud.

You can wait for the news to be public knowledge.  Or you can read his blog.

#4 The IN VIVO Blog

When the FDA asks ten nephrologists to review a medication and they all decline, the In Vivo Blog catches it.  This blog is well known for accuracy, quality and overall being an extremely useful read for those trying to keep up with the fast-moving pharmaceutical industry.

Best of all, they have a good sense of humor.

#5 Pharma Marketing Blog

Pharma Marketing blog gives you the expert analysis of John Mack, a man who knows a lot about the marketing tactics Pharma companies use – and constantly learns new things and shares his insight with readers.

Is Pfizer running a bait and switch with its Facebook fan page?  Is Allegran running an inappropriate advertising campaign for Botox?

Find out about these and other issues in marketing related to pharmaceuticals by reading what John Mack has to say.

#6 Drug Discovery Opinion

For people who care about pharmaceuticals, the Drug Discovery Opinion is gold waiting to be discovered.

This blog provides analysis of the technical issues that have tremendous implications for drug discovery, efficacy and marketability.  It explains the fundamental science that drives pharmacology.

Its authors have almost unmatchable credentials. Great read and quite useful.

#7 Pharma Strategy Blog

Which Tyrosine Kinase inhibitor shows the most promise?  What’s going on with Avastin and ovarian cancer?

To get the answer to these, and other important questions, Pharma Strategy Blog is excellently informative.  To get a sense of the value of its posts consider this.

Sally Church, the blog’s author, was responsible for helping launch Gleevec.  Her expertise and talent shows clearly in her posts.  Pharma Strategy blog is top notch and it gives readers insider knowledge.

#8 The MacGuffin

Not a blog for the light of heart, The MacGuffin is infamous for no-holds barred criticism and analysis.

They see things other people don’t.  And they deliver their thoughts in a combination of colloquial and scientific talk.  They might deliver a knock-out analysis of a medication and follow up with an inappropriate photo of a celebrity.

Cocky and clever.  Make sure to check out their analysis of schizophrenia.

#9 Pharma Conduct

This blog keeps an eye on the conduct of pharmaceuticals and the healthcare business.  It is mainly written by Eric Milgram, Ph.D. who has more than 10 years of pharmaceutical experience.

It is an investigative blog that is unafraid to expose corruption.  The formal, analytical training Eric underwent to learn chemical analysis shows through in the high caliber of his posts.

#10 The Science Business

Well written, useful and insightful.  Not as willing to take risks and focus on emerging issues as some others on this list, this blog makes the list because it provides extremely high quality writing on health care issues.

Pharma Industry News

Read these and you’ll be up to date with the industry. – extremely useful industry news.  Must read. – commentary, news, and analysis – constantly updated, round the clock industry analysis from experts

Stem Cell Tracker – keep up with news items relating to stem cells

General Value – sharp, interesting, thought-provoking – deliciously skeptical – very useful analysis of business issues in health care; some great interviews


Top Pharma Blogger

Pharmacists have unusual insight into pharmaceuticals – it comes with dispensing them daily.  These blogs are informative and fun and a glimpse into a different world, what happens to Pharmaceuticals near the end of their lifecycle. – this blog is listed first because we highly admire this blog’s insight and the professional standards of its poster combined with his humanity. – insightful and interesting rants that expose aspects of human nature observed while working as a pharmacist – “You want your prescription filled when? Eat -” we’ll end our quote there.  Funny, thought provoking and assuming – this is a great blog. – the 22 years of Pharma experience this blogger has show through.  Posts are personal and warm-hearted, generally fun – this blog explains why your pharmacist may hate you and, by the time you finish reading this blog, you might start to hate yourself too! – stories like the person who tried to fill a prescription for his cat bring this blog to life; reading it leaves you feeling good but also startled as to some of the stuff going on – the impressive integrity of this blog’s poster showed itself in his decision to leave the pharmacy business due to moral conflicts.  We list it because this decision was made recently and it is still an excellent blog worth going through. – Pharma news analysis and perspectives.  Interesting, fun and a good read – we only wish it updated more! – great stories, insight and thoughts.  Takes a stand on political issues, is principled and teaches you a lot about pharmaceuticals and human nature. – this blog is about someone who wants to become a pharmacist.  Check out the recent post on “Why I want to be a Pharmacist” – it is touching and quite good. – a focused, hard-working pharmacists dishes it out as to what he’s learned from behind the counter.  Highly enjoyable. –  a pharmacist who posts hilarious cartoons and great posts. – a forum to discuss pharmacy related issues; focuses on the positive aspects while not overlooking the bad – POQD: take by mouth daily.  This assertive and fun blog promises to offer a “thrill-ride” to its readers on a daily basis.  Provocative, good-natured. – another day in the life of a community pharmacist

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