We at Health and Life take great pride in knowing that our articles help people understand medical issues better.

These are our goals and mission:

First, above all, to provide well written and interesting content that explains medical issues so anyone can understand them.

Then to be a medical watchdog, reporting on the benefits and risks of medical issues, finding things that others overlook.

Finally, to develop comprehensive coverage of medical topics.  Currently, we are focused on analysis of new medications.


Health and Life aims to publish many different perspectives on issues in medicine and is always looking for new input.  It currently has several contributing authors.

The main author is David Gurevich, a student at an Ivy League university with research experience at Harvard Medical.  He has taken or is taking courses in Pharmacology, Immunology, Endocrinology, Toxicology, Biomaterials and more.

Because many of the articles are on medications, it is important to note that David was an “outstanding” student in Pharmacology.  On a test of drug kinetics and specifically, treatment of cardiac disorders, he was tied for 2cond highest score in a class of 68.

In addition to his school work, David has read hundreds of medical articles to write the posts.  Additionally, he  published a review article on stem cells in The Triple Helix.

Guest authors have included Dr. Jerrold Katz, Ph.D., MBA, an economist who has taught at several universities and was a cofounder of Simmons Business School and others.


If you would like to contact David, his email is [email protected]

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