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So you probably found this website Googling some phrase related to ADHD.

Hopefully you’ve found the articles you’ve read interesting and informative.  But there is only so much you can say in articles online.

There is a lot more info that could be of use to you.

If I had to guess, there are probably some questions or concerns that still weight you down.


Do I really have ADHD?

Is there proof that it is a real condition?

Or you may be confused by the treatments for ADHD.  You may not know how it is treated, or how you can manage to find meaning and success in your life despite having it.

If you want to learn more, this book I wrote may of interest to you.  It’s like the articles on this site just more detailed and informative.

How can I know?

How do I know what you’re going through and what you need to know?

Simple. Those types of questions were exactly the ones that made me confused and kept me from dealing with ADHD.

Since confronting and dealing with it, my life has changed for the better.  And the things I’ve learned about it through personal experience and a whole lot of research could be of use to you.

Readers Say

“I am 45 years old and was never diagnosed with ADHD.  Thanks to David’s extremely helpful book, I was able to understand ADHD and how it was affecting my life.  ‘Adult ADHD: What You Need to Know’ managed to capture exactly what I’ve been going through – I was shocked to discover what I thought was just my way of doing things were actually symptoms of ADHD.

Thanks to this book I have received treatment for ADHD and it has changed my life and work for the better!”

Mark T., Business Owner

I read the book with a wry, small smile. Thank-you very much for all the work you put into the research. It was well written and to the point. I have been doing a lot of research lately and found this book’s content to be helpful but not intimidating. Most of the information I found is either too medically dry or directed toward raising children with ADHD.

I have much more to learn but you provided an excellent jumping-off point.  I found the book very helpful and I am going to share it with my older children.”

Robin O., Mother

“I found the book very interesting – it is very inspiring and encouraged me to take action.  I have not read a book that has the same hopeful approach this one does, and it really helped me out.”

Juan T., Entrepreneur

Adult ADHD: What You Need to Know

is a book you can be reading in less than 4 and a half minutes that explains what you need to know.  It explains what ADHD is and how to tell if you have it, and what the real differences are between someone who has it and someone who doesn’t.

It’s quick, comprehensive and very clear.

If you want to get a good understanding of the science behind ADHD and better know what it is, how it effects your life – and what you can do about it – I promise you that this book will help.

The book is based off tons of research.  To write it, I read more than 3,000 pages, dozens of medical articles, and had conversations with many people, including the Vice President of the Attention Deficit Disorder society.

I took that massive amount of information and put only the important stuff down in this book for you to read.

This book is of especial use to you if you’re concerned about medications and want to learn more about what they are, their safety and how to know when you’re at the right dose.

You might not know that some foods have been shown to cause allergies that increase ADHD symptoms.  Or the 10 ways that you can prove ADHD is a real condition, caused by differences in the brain.

Feel free to check out the sample sections from the book.

Topics the book covers:

  • The 33 Ways to Check if you Have ADHD
  • I think I have ADHD! Now what?
  • Why the DSM is a failure in diagnosing adult ADHD
  • Why do Doctors ignore this condition in adults?
  • Why are so many people with ADHD anxious or depressed?
  • How can I explain what ADHD is like to someone who doesn’t have it?
  • Do medications like Ritalin stop working?
  • Every single medication option explained
  • Can diet or allergies cause hyperactivity and inattention?
  • How do you tell if a medication is at the right dose?
  • The 4 Things you must know to succeed with ADHD
  • Is ADHD just a variant of normal behavior?
  • How do you find and succeed at a job?
  • 25 Tips for a Better Life – Despite having ADHD


Sounds good.  Now how do I get it?

You can get it on Google Checkout or PayPal

The book costs $8.67, or roughly the price of two medium iced Mochas at Starbucks Coffee.

You can also buy it on Amazon for the Kindle.

Why two medium iced mochas?

The answer to that is in the book.