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Pharmaceutical analyst who loves blogging about health and medical issues. Has written more than 150 articles and a book on attention deficit disorder. Correctly predicted delayed approval of Bydureon, approval of Provenge by FDA, and the non-approval of Acthar on June 11.

Insomnia and Dual Orexin Receptor Antagonists (Suvorexant)

There has been a breakthrough in the treatment of insomnia. A new compound being tested and prepared for the market blocks a neurotransmitter receptor for orexin (hypocretin), the chemical messenger responsible for arousal and “wakefulness.” Dual orexin receptor antagonists (DORAs) have been shown to improve circadian rhythms and sleep patterns with no side effects, the [...]

Fundamentals – Hemorrhoids and Diet

Hemorrhoids, or piles, are a common problem for men and women. The rectal lining in your anus consists of an orange-ish tissue full of mucus glands that are very similar to the rest of the rectal lining and easily become infected or strained. The very fact of this portion of the digestive tract being exposed [...]

Prostate Health and Diet

The vast majority of adult men will experience some discomfort, pain, or clinical diagnoses having to do with the prostate. Conditions and diseases of this gland are very often physically painful and discomfiting as well as deeply psychologically taxing. Prostate issues affect men of any age and consequences like infertility and even death have been [...]

Gout – Essentials and Treatment Options

Although the disease is typically thought to occur in the feet or toes, gout can occur in any joint in the body. The condition is the result of a buildup of uric acid in the blood stream which crystallizes and accumulates in painful bunches in the joints, tendons, or cartilage. Since it affects the bone [...]

Measles and the Media

The pre-1960s-style measles outbreak in Wales has been hot in the news media since the beginning of April. The numbers of sick, including some adults, is rising still. Thousands of children have been diagnosed with the generally mild and easily preventable disorder throughout the region, spreading outward from Swansea in south Wales. UK immunization specialist [...]

Kyprolis for Multiple Myeloma, an Overview

Kyprolis, generic carfilzomib, is a new treatment specifically approved for multiple myeloma (MM) cancer, but with potential applications to other cancers. It works as a proteasome inhibitor and is the latest medication of that class approved for MM. The Disease MM is a serious cancer that, according to the American Cancer Society, is diagnosed in [...]

Medications for HIV: An Update

Latest research shows how cancer drugs can halt HIV virus. HIV, which leads to AIDS, is one of the most nasty viruses the human race has encountered. Once it establishes an infection, barring a few reported cases, HIV is impossible to eliminate from the body. That said, in the 30 or so years [...]

The Placebo Effect: An Update on What We Know

The placebo effect - one of the more baffling aspects of health and medicine.  It is, in essence, when you take a fake treatment and get real benefits. Why getting a pill, for instance, with nothing in it but sugar can often make you feel significantly better, versus getting nothing at all, is a real [...]

Major Study Shows Link Between Meat Consumption and Early Death

It would seem that by now the force of the evidence behind the link between meat consumption and increased risks of colon cancer and early death is great enough to make a vegetarian out of us all. The research goes back decades and decades, and by now involves vastly different populations in huge numbers, including [...]

Nesina, a New DPP-4 Inhibitor for Diabetes

Nesina, generic alogplitin, is a new medication for Type II diabetes. It is generally meant to be used when the diabetes is not properly controlled, generally by metformin, but has been tested with a variety of medications and by itself alone. It is part of a new generation of diabetes medications that works in a [...]