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Pharmaceutical analyst who loves blogging about health and medical issues. Has written more than 150 articles and a book on attention deficit disorder. Correctly predicted delayed approval of Bydureon, approval of Provenge by FDA, and the non-approval of Acthar on June 11.

Diet for a Diabetic

First, just a little background information on diabetes. Diabetes is a disease not uncommon in society. There are two types of diabetes known as Type 1 and Type 2. People who have Diabetes Type 1 are usually diagnosed when they are children or teenagers. Their pancreas does not produce enough insulin which is a hormone [...]

How Effective is Propecia in Combating Hair Loss?

The hair on your head is a living organism. New hair is always beginning to grow but when each hair reaches the end of its life – usually after about 4 months - it departs your scalp. It falls out. This happens to everyone. Losing your hair is normal. For some though the [...]

New Studies Reveal the Brain’s Amazing Ability

Brain plasticity (Neuroplasticity) is the brain’s ability to constantly change throughout life. Neuroplasticity occurs in the infant’s brain, at the beginning of life the immature brain attempts to organizes itself and understand the new surroundings. In the case of brain injury, new scanning techniques using PET and functional MRI show neuroplasticity will occur to compensate for [...]

Effects of Anxiety and Depression on the Brain

Anxiety is feeling of fear and worrying, awaiting a future disaster but it is not disabling as the psychiatric anxiety disorder. People with physical illnesses may suffer from anxiety, which is more common in people suffering from stroke, heart disease and cancer compared to the general population. Anxiety is a risk factor for poor glycaemic [...]

Effects of Diet on the Brain

The brain is part of the central nervous system which is in charge of processing information and body functions. Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary for the growth and development of the brain and for preventing cerebrovascular disease. Omega-3 fatty acids are especially essential for cognitive processes as learning and memory. Diets including fish [...]

Keeping the Brain Healthy Until Old Age

The brain changes as we get older. The hippocampus takes information into short-term memory and communicates it to other brain areas for processing and long-term storage. Brain lesions often develop in the elderly causing cognitive changes as short term memory loss. A large number of microscopic lesions in the brain are found in [...]

Natural Ways to Avoid Depression During Times of Economic Hardship

There are certain things we know about mental health issues today we didn’t know about in years gone by. Depression is far more understood today. Doctors claim to be getting better at diagnosing patients with dark thoughts. What causes depression, and there would appear to be a number of factors involved, is still being studied [...]

Epigenetics – Life Experiences As Depression, Change How the Brain Cells Work

Brain development is encoded in the set of genes we are born with, our chromosomes. Chromosomes are composed of 50% DNA and 50 % protein molecules carrying epigenetic marks. The epigenome, these chemical markers and switches are attached to the DNA with the role of genetic regulation, activating the expression of the genes or shutting [...]

Home Exercise Programs That Work

Many people wanting to get or stay fit join a gym. For some it’s inexpensive, handy to home, comes with professional advice and has all the equipment you can imagine. But going to the gym is not for everyone. The reasons are numerous and for many the alternative is simple – have your own gym [...]

Coping with Arthritis

The following was sent by a regular reader of the site. Her name is Anita and she is from Oklahoma, US. She wants to share how she has coped with arthritis - a condition she has suffered since childhood - in the hope of helping others. First, let me tell you, you can [...]