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Pharmaceutical analyst who loves blogging about health and medical issues. Has written more than 150 articles and a book on attention deficit disorder. Correctly predicted delayed approval of Bydureon, approval of Provenge by FDA, and the non-approval of Acthar on June 11.

Are e-Cigarettes Safer Than Real Cigarettes?

The burning debate continues about the safety of electronic cigarettes, popularly called e-cigarettes. The big question is: are they a safer substitute to real cigarettes? The major difference between the two types is pretty straightforward. A conventional cigarette burns tobacco whereas the e-cigarette uses a battery-propelled heat to vaporise odourless propylene glycol or varying amounts [...]

4 Dangerous Viral Diseases Explained

Viruses cause many serious diseases. Here are 4 dangerous and interesting ones explained. Rabies This disease is transmitted by rabid animals to humans typically by a bite.  After being bitten, the disease slowly progresses through the nervous system until it reaches the brain.  It is 100% fatal at that point. Because of how [...]

Viruses: Some General Thoughts

Viruses are devious. They consist of small pieces of genetic code, whether in the DNA or RNA form, and little else.  They work by hijacking the life systems of living cells and forcing them to create more copies of the virus. They are the cause of many of the worst diseases.  HIV, influenza, [...]

What I’ve Learned From Writing 200 Medical Articles

For Health and Life, I have written around 180 articles, and I’ve also written for other sites as well.  It adds up to easily more than 200 articles in the medical field. What lessons have I learned? 1) You know too little if you think you know so much. First, let me say [...]

Why Some People are Luckier than Others

Some people seem to be luckier than others.  Why is this the case? Researchers did the following experiment to find out.  They gave volunteers newspapers to read. Unknown to them, the newspapers had a coupon inside with the phrase:  “Get $50 For Free!” in bold black letters.  The coupons were fairly noticeable but [...]

Contrave: FDA Decision, Chances for Approval

Contrave is a treatment for obesity that consists of bupropion combined with naltrexone. An FDA advisory panel voted 13-7 for its approval in December.  In the end of January, it is going for an official FDA decision. Based on a variety of factors, we would hedge 60/65% in favor of its approval by [...]

Genomic Research Has Limited Impact to Date

In 2000, researchers managed to decode the genome of a human being.  This was heralded as a great breakthrough, and the hope was that genetically based treatments would revolutionize health. 10 years later, very few treatments or changes in medicine have arisen from this. Why?  Simple.  Sheer complexity, even more so than originally suspected. There [...]

Video Laryngoscopes Market Analysis

This is a competitive market analysis of the video laryngoscope field. McGrath, Glidescope and Storz - these are the names of the three products that mainly control the video laryngoscope market. There are many additional companies and products in video laryngoscopes, including Pentax-Airway Scope, Airtraq, Bullard and Bonfile. Changing competitive landscape The majority [...]

Body Language – Some Thoughts

Body Language Body language is the idea that the physical movements of our body are themselves a language.  By knowing it, you can understand what someone else is thinking or feeling but isn’t saying. It’s important to know the basics of.  That said, often it can be overvalued.  Many times people’s body language [...]

Flow – What it is, How to Get it

Mihály Csíkszentmihályi is well known for his theory of flow. The idea is that we can enter a state of focus in which time flies by without us consciously being aware of it. Think in your own life; there likely have been situations where you were so focused or into doing something, that [...]