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Pharmaceutical analyst who loves blogging about health and medical issues. Has written more than 150 articles and a book on attention deficit disorder. Correctly predicted delayed approval of Bydureon, approval of Provenge by FDA, and the non-approval of Acthar on June 11.

Modern Medical Marketing

When a company makes a medication or medical device, they face the challenge of marketing it. In medications, the general approach is to either get Doctors to prescribe a medication themselves or to promote patients asking for the medication. In devices, the general approach is to target distribution channels and important purchasers, such [...]

The 3 Obesity Meds of 2010

There are three main therapies that are and were highlighted this year.  This article focuses on Contrave while also discussing briefly the other two, lorcaserin and Qnexa. Contrave is a new treatment for obesity that consists of Wellbutrin sustained release combined with Naltrexone instant release. It has shown modest efficacy to date, which [...]

The Disease of Malaria

Malaria easily made the list we published last year of the ten worst diseases. It infects more than 250 million people per year and can cause nasty symptoms including fevers, chills.  Of those, roughly 2.5 million die. What makes it such a dangerous disease?  Why are we unable to fight it like many [...]

RNAi – What it is, What it can do

RNAi is a new technology which aims to target the aspect of mRNA, which is a type of genetic product.  It is a natural system which works in plants and animals to knock out the production of a certain gene product. Here’s how RNAi works. The cells in your body create proteins and [...]

Video Laryngoscopes – Use and Development

Intubation When you are sedated or unable to breathe, very often a breathing tube will be inserted to provide you with oxygen.  The procedure to do this is called intubation, and typically uses a laryngoscope to open the mouth wide to provide for a clear insertion of the tube. As you can imagine, [...]

Neurological factors in Obesity

Various neurological factors play a role in the development of obesity.  We have a lot to learn, but from looking at the various physiological abnormalities and their observed clinical impact, we can get some idea of what is going on. Appetite and food consumption is regulated at the neurological level, the hypothalamus being particularly important.  [...]

Modern Drug Development

Modern Drug Development As we’ve entered the modern era, it seems that most medications these days are developed due to conscious attempts to target specific molecular patterns. Gleevec, for instance, a major breakthrough in the treatment of a specific type of cancer, was made based off an understanding that the Bcr-Abl fusion product [...]

Why Unsafe Meds Can Be Approved

Why do medications that eventually are linked to significant health problems pass the FDA and make it to market? The answer is relatively straight forward.  It all stems from the way that medications are tested and developed. To get a drug approved, a company has to show a few things.  First, and most [...]

Design of the Immune System

The design of the immune system One of the most beautiful images I have seen was the way that a certain type of immune cell generates its defenses.  The immune system is a beautiful defense mechanism - but what is it, and how does it work? First, there are two main branches of [...]

Lorcaserin or Lorqess: Analysis of FDA Panel

This is an analysis of Lorcaserin or Lorqess and the upcoming FDA advisory panel.  If curious or have any questions or want more such analysis, please email [email protected] – thanks! Lorcaserin or Lorqess is going up for an FDA advisory panel on September 16, 2010.  It is an obesity drug that has generated a lot [...]