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Pharmaceutical analyst who loves blogging about health and medical issues. Has written more than 150 articles and a book on attention deficit disorder. Correctly predicted delayed approval of Bydureon, approval of Provenge by FDA, and the non-approval of Acthar on June 11.

Some Thoughts on the Immune System

There is bacteria everywhere.  More of the genetic information in our DNA consists of code put in there by infecting viruses than is actually used to make our bodies and who we are. Cut open a wet fruit and leave it outside, and within a day, it will brown.  And within a few [...]

Treatment of Cancer: Now and the Future

Cancer is when something in your body goes wrong.  A cell that normally should stop growing or die refuses to do so. It keeps dividing.  As it grows, it forms a mass of cells that may or may not decide to stop. If it doesn’t, it may spread to other parts of the [...]

Why is Losing Weight so Hard?

One of the toughest questions people face is why is it so hard to lose weight? Gaining weight, for most, after all, is not too difficult.  Actually, most of us are experts at doing so, being so good at it that we do it without conscious effort. The opposite skill – losing weight – is [...]

Açai Berry and Weight Loss

It all started when a doctor visiting Oprah’s show called açai berry a superfood. He argued that it was loaded with antioxidants and those had a variety of impressive health benefits for weight, energy, and aging. Since then, there has been wide demand for açai and açai related products. Many makers of the açai products [...]

Dyloject for Pain; Side Effects

Dyloject is a new form of the treatment diclofenac, which is a popular treatment for reducing pain.  It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drug that works to inhibit certain pathways associated with pain such as COX. Dyloject’s superior release mechanism gives it more rapid pain relief action than the existing form.  It is designed to [...]

Green Tea and Weight Loss

There has been a lot of enthusiasm lately around green tea.  Because it is rich in antioxidants, green tea is in general accepted as a fairly healthy beverage, and one that might have a variety of health benefits. But can it cause weight loss? Those who say it can point to its potential ability to [...]

Why am I Depressed?

Have you been feeling depressed lately and you don’t know why?  Here are some ideas and other questions you can ask yourself to hopefully better understand what is going on. Have I been getting enough exercise? Exercise has powerful mood boosting effects and can possibly work to reduce the symptoms of depression.  Some studies have [...]

VIAject – Ultra-fast Insulin for Diabetes

VIAject is a new treatment for diabetes.  It is a modified form of insulin that is designed to have superior onset of action and provide better glucose control. The hope is that it will provide better simulation of normal, body insulin release patterns after eating. This is important as even temporary abnormalities in blood sugar [...]

Foods that Lower Blood Pressure

Your diet has a big part to play in whether or not you develop high blood pressure.  While it is not the only factor, it certainly makes a difference. In this article, we’ll go through some foods that may lower blood pressure and discuss what the science has to say. Our article focuses on salt, [...]

The 2010 HAL Medical Blog Awards

A search for “medical blog” in Google will get you more than 175 million results. But of those 175 million results, which should you actually read? The 2010 HAL Medical Blog Awards, which highlight the very best blogs in health and medicine, aims to answer that question.  To do so, we first opened ourselves to [...]