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Is making profits risking your health?

At least once per day if not more you will see on your television screen a class action lawsuit for some drug asking you to call this attorney if you have taken this drug, that drug, or used this medical product. What goes on behind the closed doors of the Big Pharmaceutical companies, the researchers, [...]

Superbug on the Loose in the United States

Superbug Recently, a report by the USA TODAY disclosed that a superbug is running rampant across the United States in hospitals and other nursing facilities. This superbug is attacking the weak and most vulnerable without much help from the scientific community in stopping the epidemic. The bacteria, known as Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE, [...]

Red Bull – Effectiveness and Safety Concerns Revisited

Red Bull energy drink safety concerns We have all seen the commercials stating Red Bull gives you Wings, well it may not actually give you wings, but through our research, it can give you a boost of energy. You may get a boost of energy, but you need to pay attention to the [...]

New Vaccine for the Prevention of HIV

Before we go into the new vaccine, it is important to understand what HIV is and how you can contract HIV. What is HIV? HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. This virus attacks the immune system with a very strong force that even individuals with a very strong immune system cannot fight. How is HIV [...]

Better Prescription Drug Coverage to Come

The new Obama Health Care Program commonly referred to as ObamaCare is suppose to provide more prescription drug coverage to millions of American who will be able to receive insurance through the new health care fix that will begin at the end of 2014. What does this mean to the general public, state plans, and [...]

Nephropathy – Kidney Disease from Long Term Diabetes

Nephropathy alone is damage or disease of the kidney; however, diabetic nephropathy is kidney disease that is associated with long-term diabetes also referred to as Kimmelstiel-Wilson disease or intercapillary glomerulonephritis. This disease affects the tiny blood vessels found in the glomerulus, which is the main structure in the capillary blood vessels of the kidneys. This [...]

Types of Alternative and Natural Therapies for Arthritis Sufferers

Today, more and more individuals with arthritis are searching for natural or alternative therapies instead of medications that often have serious side effects. What are Alternative and Natural Therapies? Alternative and natural therapies are a wide array of things a person can use instead of taking medications. These can be herbal or all natural therapies [...]

Analgesics for Arthritis Pain

For anyone suffering from arthritis pain, finding the best way to receive some relief is always the answer. One of the most popular ways in which to receive some relief from arthritis pain is by way of analgesics. What are analgesics? Analgesics are medicines used to relieve pain. These medications are often used for a [...]