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Major New Study Links Psychiatric Conditions

The way in which autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, and schizophrenia are diagnosed and treated could be set to change forever, following a major study published today in Lancet, the medical journal. While an analysis of each of these five conditions would show us that they share a number of common characteristics and [...]

Most Popular Drugs Prescribed for Bipolar Disorder

Medication plays a key role in treating patients with bipolar disorder, both when immediate intervention is required as well as over the longer term.  This article analyses four of the most popular prescribed drugs for dealing with bipolar disorder across both manic and depressive stages. Lithobid (Lithium) Lithium is often chosen as a first line [...]

Drinking While Pregnant: New UK Report Outlines Challenges

The FASD Trust is one of the United Kingdom’s leading charities concerned with the impact that alcohol can have on babies at both pre-natal and post-natal stages. Last week, they published a ‘Consensus Report,’ the result of a two-day study and consultation between leading individuals in the field from across the UK, which took place [...]

Treatment Options for Bipolar Disorder

Given the complex nature of bipolar disorder, treating the condition can be difficult for patients, their families, and the medical professionals that specialize in this field.  If your knowledge of bipolar disorder is so far limited, take the time to check out the first part of our series where we looked at the question of [...]

Exciting Frontier Beckons For Cancer Treatment

The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has created a new ‘breakthrough’ designation for cancer drugs, so that any that are deemed to be successful can effectively be fast-tracked through the trial process and brought to market quicker. Many respected physicians in the field of cancer research backed the move, including Robert Schneider of New [...]

Top 3 Gadgets to Help You Lose Weight

Almost all of us would look in the mirror and say that we would like to weigh a little less, or at least be physically fitter. But how do we go about this? For many, it means joining a gym, which often constitutes a either a reasonably sized one off payment, or a monthly commitment [...]

Should We Blame Parents for Children’s Behavior?

Whenever children misbehave, to whatever extent, talk usually turns to who is responsible. More often than not, attention turns to the parents of the misbehaving child.  While a natural and somewhat obvious reaction, you could claim that it is an easy, even lazy, one.  Given there are numerous cases of children that behave well at [...]

How to Break Bad Sleep Habits

Why don't we value sleep as highly as we should? If sleep were a commodity, one can only imagine how much it would sell for in stores, or trade at on global stock exchanges.  There is no question it would be right up there with diamonds and crude oil in terms of price [...]

What is Bipolar Disorder?

For our next series, we are going to look at bipolar disorder, beginning with a summary of the condition today, before later moving onto exploring what the condition means for those who are suffering from it, the range of treatment options available, and a look at the common medications prescribed to help patients deal with [...]

Comfort Zone Check In Product Review

Comfort Zone Check In is a product developed by the Alzheimer’s Association, with the primary aim of allowing caregivers and relatives of those suffering Alzheimer’s disease to facilitate a greater level of independence and significantly improve the quality of life of the patient. Importantly, the product also allows for the continued safety and security of [...]