Tuesday , 1 October 2013
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Mine has been a privileged life, first for having traveled all over as son of a diplomatic family, then for having had the opportunity to study at Oxford, and finally for a gratifying career in geriatric home care where I had the opportunity to restore sanity and optimism to many family caregivers. I look forward to using this wonderful medium to discuss subjects of interest to my readers.

Alzheimer’s: Signs, Symptoms, & Stages

A recent study showed a direct link between the use of sleeping pills and the onset of dementia.

A symptom is something you tell the doctor that you have or that you are feeling. A sign is something the doctor uncovers through observation or by examining you. The signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s frequently defy the norms, for they are the individualized manifestations of the genetic factor, lifestyle, and other environmental and health susceptibilities of each patient. In ... Read More »