Thursday , 15 August 2013
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Seasoned traveler, writer and a graduate from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Experimental Drug Improves Depression within Minutes


An experimental drug known as AZD6765 has demonstrated its ability to improve depressive symptoms after just over an hour of having taken it. The effect lasted for 30 minutes with some individuals experiencing its positive effects for a couple of days. Participants in the study were individuals who had failed on alternative anti-depressant therapies including drugs and more extreme treatments ... Read More »

Are You Vitamin D Deficient?

Calcium supplement pills

Vitamin D, or the sunshine Vitamin is often one of the most overlooked nutrients human beings require for optimum function. Vitamin D is required for bone growth and remodelling, cell growth and  neuromuscular and immune function. It is also required for its anti-inflammatory effects. Our most abundant source of vitamin D is sunlight, though it can also be acquired through ... Read More »

New Spit Test for Asthma Patients

Seretide Inhaler

Thousands of individuals with severe asthma can breathe a sigh of relief as scientists say they have developed a new spit test that could help improve asthma diagnosis and treatment. Many asthma patients today take a medicine known as salmeterol which for 1/7 individuals proves to be of little, if any use. Salmeterol is found in Seretide and Servent inhalers ... Read More »

Is Homeopathic Medicine Effective?

Homeopathic Medicine

Some swear by it, others ridicule it. But is there any substantial evidence that demonstrates some efficacy for homeopathic medicine? Homeopathic medicine traces its origins to Germany in the 18th century. This alternative form of medicine is based upon a theory known as ‘the law of similars’ whereby ‘like is used to treat like’ instead of reducing symptoms with pharmacologically ... Read More »

Could Blindness be Cured with a Simple Injection?

Reconstructed Retina

Today, 285 million people are visually impaired with nearly 40 million completely blind, according to World Health Organization statistics. The three most common causes of blindness are cataracts, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration. But it is only now that scientists have been making real progress in finding a potential cure for blindness with the latest accomplishment being the restoration of sight ... Read More »

Natural Treatments For Depression

Though anti-depressants are a certified way of treating depression in individuals, they may in fact in many cases not be completely necessary. Today, depression and other similar disorders affect roughly 1 in 4 people and it’s all too easy for a doctor to write a prescription for a happy pill the moment someone shows a few signs of it. Instead ... Read More »