The Annual HAL Medical Blog Awards

Health and Life is proud to announce it is accepting nominations for the annual Health and Life (HAL) Medical Blog Awards!  Nominations will be accepted until June 20th and the awards given on July 5th.

There is currently $200 in cash prizes, courtesy of Apredica.

The HAL Medical Blog Awards highlight top blogs in various areas of health and medicine.  After compiling a list of nominations as well as top blogs we identify, we will narrow the list down to the very best according to various criteria.

If there is a medical blog you enjoy reading, please consider nominating it.

We are accepting nominations for 4 main categories:

1) The Halls of Research Blog Award – to be given to top blogs run by academic institutions that make medical issues accessible to the general public.

2) Future Leaders of Biomed Award – to be given to top blogs covering biology and medical issues that are by graduate students with exceptional promise

3) Must Read Medical Blog Award – to be given to blogs in the area of health and medicine that are particularly well written or interesting, that are overall must reads.

4) The Health Muckraker Award – to be given to blogs that are modern day health muckrakers, in the tradition of The Ladies Home Journal and Sinclair’s The Jungle, whose investigative journalism led to the formation of the FDA.

We have a 5th and final category to be revealed when the awards are given.  As our corporate email is glitchy, please send nominations to or leave a comment on this article.

Apredica provides pharmacokinetic and drug toxicity studies.  They are recognized for providing ADME, toxicity, and pharmacokinetic as well as other preclinical testing services that aid in the drug-discovery process.

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