Probiotics – Eat Your Way to Good Health

Ever since probiotics and probiotic supplements and foods made an appearance (they have been around since the 1970s officially, tough many cultures have an ancient tradition of using probiotics and naturally fermented foods) there has been news regarding their positive properties. They have been hailed practically as miracle workers for a number of problems and [...]

Is Sugar a Dangerous Drug?

Everybody has sugar; even people who are diabetic have some sugar in their controlled diets, knowingly or unknowingly. New research now says that sugar is actually an addictive and dangerous drug that can kill. CDC scientist says that sugar can kill Quanhe Yang, a senior scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, led [...]

Are Antioxidants Really Good for You?

Antioxidants have been widely regarded as being good for health by scientists and nutritionists, as they are supposed to combat free radicals that contribute to cancer, environmental toxins and also help treat many ailments. Antioxidants are supposed to be good for patients with  various cancers, Alzheimer’s, dementia and many other diseases. Latest news questions this [...]

Can Where You Live Make You Fatter?

Is your bodyweight linked to where you live? A new study, released at the end of January in the International Journal of Obesity[1], suggests that where we live could play a key role in whether or not we are overweight.  Unfortunately, there is a scientific side to it, it is not as simple [...]

Is Gluten a Key Player in Obesity?

Could gluten be the cause of obesity? As the summer Olympic Games for 2012, come to an end, The Department of Health and the Royal Medical Colleges is pushing forwards with the renewal of their campaign to tackle the obesity epidemic. Recent numbers are in, and a quarter of all adults are classified [...]

Effects of Diet on the Brain

The brain is part of the central nervous system which is in charge of processing information and body functions. Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary for the growth and development of the brain and for preventing cerebrovascular disease. Omega-3 fatty acids are especially essential for cognitive processes as learning and memory. Diets including fish [...]

Does Quercetin Give You Energy?

At Health and Life, we are barraged on a daily basis for information from journalists, politicians and sumo wrestlers.  Most often we are not able to respond, but a few weeks ago we were asked a question that we felt deserved investigation: Can the antioxidant quercetin give you more energy? We had a [...]

Red Wine and Proper Diet

What impact does food have on our health, both mental and physical? A pretty big one. One out of four Americans suffers from some sort of mental disorder, significantly more than in China and other countries, part of which may be because of diet. And French people have a 40% less risk of [...]

Eat Simpler, Be Healthier!

Over the past 30 years, we've learned a lot about what food does to our bodies.  It doesn't just give us energy. What we eat plays a big role in how we feel and helps determine if we suffer from conditions like hypertension, diabetes or cancer. Eating fast-food and artificial, chemical laced goo [...]