Various New Treatment Options for Migraine

Migraine affects millions of people worldwide – and in the U.S. alone it is reported that more than 37 million suffer from migraine according to Migraine.com. This form of what may be an extremely debilitating headache accounts for loss of productivity, man hours and health care costs that run into billions ($17.2 billion on the [...]

Could the Drugs You Take Actually Make You More Infectious and Increase the Spread of Disease?

A large number of illnesses are extremely infectious as they are caused by viruses; even some bacterial infections can spread rapidly. This has often led to epidemic or even pandemic situations in many countries, given the frequency of air travel. Of these, respiratory ailments are the commonest and even if a flu vaccine is taken, [...]

The Latest Findings on High Blood Pressure

Millions of people suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension according to WHO and most of them have to take medicines to control their blood pressure. Two new findings can have an impact on hypertensive patients. One is about the actual blood pressure reading numbers for which medicines need to be taken and the other [...]

Anti Fungal Drugs May Not Cause Birth Defects When Taken During Pregnancy

Pregnant women are at increased risk of suffering from vaginal candidiasis or thrush.  According to CDC, on the whole, 75 percent women suffer from thrush at sometime or the other of their lives, often more than once. However, during pregnancy as many as 30-32 percent women suffer from candidiasis thanks to higher sugar levels and [...]

Are Pain Killers Hurting Your Health?

If you have any sort of pain, chances are that if it is moderate or mild, the first thing you will do is reach for a pain killer, probably one that is easily available over the counter and which you probably have in your medicine box or cabinet. But how safe is the pain killer [...]

The Placebo Effect: An Update on What We Know

The placebo effect - one of the more baffling aspects of health and medicine.  It is, in essence, when you take a fake treatment and get real benefits. Why getting a pill, for instance, with nothing in it but sugar can often make you feel significantly better, versus getting nothing at all, is a real [...]

Should We Pay More Attention to Prescribed Drugs’ Side Effects?

Diclofenac is a powerful, yet controversial painkiller.   It is already well known that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s) in general carry a risk to cardiovascular health, and in particular to the heart. This issue has been thrust back into the spotlight today, by research published in the PLOS Medicine online journal[1][2] that specifically [...]

Medical Interventions for Dealing With Addiction

Various medicines are available to help individuals dealing with addiction. Now that we have explored the background of addiction, what it means, what can cause us to become addicted to something, met David and heard his story, it is time to begin looking at the interventions that are available for medically treating addictions. [...]

Alemtuzumab shows Efficacy in Treating Multiple Sclerosis

Alemtuzumab, the anti-CD52 monoclonal antibody has shown its ability to reduce relapse rates in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). Used in the treatment of leukaemia, this drug is now commonly prescribed off-label for MS. According to two phase III trials published in The Lancet on 1 November 2012, the antibody was tested as a first and [...]

Actos Linked to Bladder Cancer

Actos linked to bladder cancer The FDA is currently warning patients who are taking Actos® that they are at an increased risk of developing bladder cancer. On Sept 30, 2011, the FDA reviewed the findings of a 10-year study done by manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceuticals. This study determined that Actos® (pioglitazone) carries a greater [...]