Thoughts on Cancer Medications

Some of the most interesting - on a pharmacological level - medications I’ve encountered are cancer treatments. Take Tamoxifen, for instance.  This highly effective treatment for certain types of breast cancer works because it blocks the effects of estrogen in the breast.  Since estrogen plays a role in getting cells in the breast to grow, [...]

List of New Cancer Drugs

As follows, here is a list of new cancer drugs that show especial promise. Herceptin or trastuzumab is a monoclonal antibody to the HER2 receptor and a recent innovation in breast cancer treatment.  In those who have the mutation specific to it, Herceptin can work impressively well.  At $100,000 per year of treatment, however, it [...]

Sutent or Sunitinib: Uses, Side Effects

Sutent - an exciting new cancer treatment Sutent, generic sunitinib, is a new cancer medication that has quickly become accepted as a first line treatment for renal cell carcinoma (RCC) as well as a treatment for gastrointestional stromal tumor (GIST) after resistance to imatinib develops. It is being investigated for other uses as well, like [...]

Strattera: Side Effects, Use for ADHD

Strattera or Atomoxetine is a new treatment for ADHD that was approved in 2002 and the first medication approved for treating ADHD in adults. It is a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, which means that, like Ritalin and the stimulants, Strattera increases the level of norepinephrine that cells are exposed to. This hopefully results in increased attention, [...]

Zoloft vs Prozac: Side Effects, Benefits

  Zoloft vs Prozac Everyone's heard of these two drugs.  They're that popular.  But what are they?  How do they compare?  And in the analysis of Zoloft vs Prozac, which comes on top? Zoloft might have a slight advantage over Prozac.  Yet they both can have serious side effects, and don't always work. [...]

Actos – Side Effects, Problems

Concerns about Actos You may be considering pioglitazone or Actos to help treat your diabetes.  But you absolutely need to know that Actos has some very serious side effects and that it’s not entirely clear how well it works. Pioglitazone, or Actos, is a very popular treatment for Type 2 Diabetes, with prescriptions counting for [...]

Metformin: Benefits, Side Effects

  Metformin, brand name Glucophage You may be taking or considering metformin if you have Type II diabetes, “prediabetes,” or, though the scientific evidence for its use isn't so solid, polycystic ovary syndrome. Metformin works in several ways. It helps certain parts of the body respond properly to insulin, reduces how much glucose [...]

20 Facts About Antidepressants

1) 1/10 people in America are currently taking an antidepressant (AD) 2) Michael Jackson was reportedly taking Zoloft and Paxil when he died.  Antidepressants have been shown to contribute to heart disease. 3) Luvox was being taken by a shooter in the Columbine High School shootings. 4) We have no idea how antidepressants [...]

Do Antidepressants Work as Promised?

Note: This is an editorial Antidepressants - what's going on? One out of ten Americans are currently on antidepressants.  That's just the beginning.  More than 25% of college students at some schools are on them. Everyone is being given them for all sorts of reasons.  Are they really that effective or safe?  Maybe.  That said, [...]

Restasis for Dry Eye (Opthalmic Cyclosporine)

Does your eye get irritated or feel dry? Most older people have at least some experience with dry eye, a condition that can require treatment and disrupt quality of life. Dry eye is caused by inadequate tear production or inflammation in your eyes. If you don't know what Restasis is, you probably want [...]