The Diagnostic Device That Could Take the Place of the Stethoscope

The image of a doctor with a stethoscope around his or her neck is deeply ingrained in everyone’s mind, so much so that anybody with a white coat and a stethoscope is thought to be a doctor. The stethoscope has been used for over two centuries by doctors to check all kinds of sounds within [...]

Progress in Treating Burn Injuries

Many people suffer serious burn injuries that not only cause disfigurement, damage organs, cause extensive scarring and are difficult to heal as well These injuries can be a result of accidental fires at the workplace or home, natural fires or war or combat operations, often due to explosive devices. In the last decade there have [...]

Could the Drugs You Take Actually Make You More Infectious and Increase the Spread of Disease?

A large number of illnesses are extremely infectious as they are caused by viruses; even some bacterial infections can spread rapidly. This has often led to epidemic or even pandemic situations in many countries, given the frequency of air travel. Of these, respiratory ailments are the commonest and even if a flu vaccine is taken, [...]

Genetic Retinal Diseases Benefit from New Trials

Retinal problems affect over 100,000 people in the U.S. annually according to the American Foundation for the Blind and other organizations and over 10,000,000 people suffer from age related macular degeneration. Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) that is an inherited disorder also affects thousands of people. Many people suffer from irreversible vision loss and even complete or [...]

Are You Taking Too Much Acetaminophen?

Acetaminophen, also popular as the brand Tylenol and as paracetamol in many countries, is commonly prescribed by healthcare professionals as a pain killer and anti-pyretic for fever. It is available over the counter, so is often self-prescribed and may be found in most medical cabinets as well. It is very commonly available as a combination [...]

Two Blood Tests That May Be Able To Predict Heart Attack Risk

While people who have certain lifestyle diseases or genetic factors that predispose them to heart attacks or heart disease may have inkling that there is a possibility that they can suffer from a heart attack, others do not. Unless current diagnostic procedures are used after a patient suffers from angina or any significant event, there [...]

Ampion – A New Drug for Knee Pain?

Knee pain afflicts many people specially those who are suffering from osteoarthritis, are overweight or are not physically fit, especially with age. Unfortunately there is usually no long term medication and usually doctors simply prescribe pain killers, stronger ones when over the counter remedies don’t work. Often diseases like osteoarthritis are progressive in any case [...]

Stroke Buster Drugs Make News

Stroke buster drugs called tissue plasminogen activators, were first approved by the FDA as far back as 1996. Long term studies on the use and effects of these drugs have shown that while the stroke busting drugs improve the quality of life, they don’t have a marked effect on survival rates. When a stroke is [...]

Novel Coronavirus Outbreak in the Mideast

There are periods when certain kinds of outbreaks or infectious diseases gain popularity in the media, even though mankind has never really known a time in the absence of such disease. Several years ago, SARS made a big impression in Europe and the Americas; more recently the various forms of avian and swine flu struck [...]

Major Study Shows Link Between Meat Consumption and Early Death

It would seem that by now the force of the evidence behind the link between meat consumption and increased risks of colon cancer and early death is great enough to make a vegetarian out of us all. The research goes back decades and decades, and by now involves vastly different populations in huge numbers, including [...]