Should a Person’s Rare Genetic Condition Stop Him From Having a Baby?

The BBC published an article couple of days ago that posed the question: Should a person’s hereditary disability stop him from having a baby? Jono Lancaster, the young man whom this story was based on,  was born with a rare genetic condition – Treacher-Collins syndrome. He is 26 years old now and is quite happy [...]

Nominations Accepted for HAL Medical Blog Awards

The Annual HAL Medical Blog Awards Health and Life is proud to announce it is accepting nominations for the annual Health and Life (HAL) Medical Blog Awards!  Nominations will be accepted until June 20th and the awards given on July 5th. There is currently $200 in cash prizes, courtesy of Apredica. The HAL [...]

The Weekly Pharma News Update #3

Another Sunday, another Health and Life Pharma News update! As follows, are the biggest Pharma news items of the last week to get you up to speed. #1 California County Sues GSK Over Avandia A California county is suing GlaxoSmithKline, accusing it of falsely advertising its diabetes medication, Avandia. This is a significant and unpleasant [...]

The Weekly Pharma News Update

Health and Life is proud to start a weekly update of news items related to Pharmaceutical issues. That said, this week's news is particularly unpleasant. #1 Glaxo, AstraZeneca Asthma Drugs Need Risk Studies We’ve written about Advair and its black box warning, so reading this news story came as a bit of a [...]

The Winter and Swine Flu: How Bad is it?

Swine flu, H1N1 Swine flu has hit us hard already, but with winter, the worst may be yet to come. We're likely to get massive incapacitation and illness. Still, so far swine flu isn't a big killer. In the Spring, roughly 800,000 New Yorkers had symptoms of swine flu, but only 54 died [...]