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October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Research from WWII shows a link between extreme hunger as a child, and the development of breast cancer.

October is breast cancer awareness month and if it saves just one life it was worth it. Breast cancer gets a lot of attention but still the number of breast cancer cases has not decreased as far as professionals hoped.  Let’s have a look at some facts about breast cancer. Breast Cancer Facts In women the biggest risk factor is ... Read More »

Will New DNA Diagnostics Reduce Breast Cancer Numbers?

October is Breast Cancer Awereness Month

The NextGen DNA sequencing technology is being met with a great deal of excitement, because it will provide a more comprehensive testing for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 breast cancer genes. These are the genes that are related to inherited cancerous mutations. By next year, the NextGen DNA sequencing technology is supposed to cut the wait times of patients from six ... Read More »

Could Hunger be Linked to Breast Cancer?

October is Breast Cancer Awereness Month

Recently some interesting information relating to breast cancer came to light. It seems that Jewish women who suffered sever hunger during WWII were five times more likely to develop breast cancer. The October issue of International Journal of Clinical Practice printed the study’s results, which found that those women who were seven or younger during this time were three times ... Read More »

New Drug Target in Breast Cancer

Researchers at the Imperial College London have now identified a novel protein –LMTK3, which is involved in the process of drug resistance in breast cancer. This protein can purportedly act as a target for new treatments. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and affects around 46,000 women annually. Although anti-oestrogen drugs like tamoxifen act as an ... Read More »

Reasons for Breast Cancer Among Men

Breast cancer is very rare in men although the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment are a bit similar to women with breast cancer. According to the U.S. National Cancer Institute (1), breast cancer in men occurs in about 1 percent of breast cancer cases. In the UK, there are around 300 men diagnosed annually, compared with about 45,000 cases of breast ... Read More »

Digital vs Film-Screen Mammography for Breast Cancer

Doctor With a Mammogram

Breast cancer is, like all cancers, something that should be caught as early as possible, and testing has proven to be a very good thing. Although the rate of breast cancer rose throughout the 90s, the amount of death it caused over that time actually went slightly down, which some experts believe is due to increased adoption of testing procedures ... Read More »

Tamoxifen for Breast Cancer & Side Effects

2 Pink breast cancer bands

What is this drug? Tamoxifen is a treatment for breast cancer in both men and women that works by blocking estrogen from stimulating breast tissue.  That stimulation leads in part to roughly 2/3 of breast cancers, and so blocking it is quite important, and Tamoxifen is the most popular breast cancer medication for that reason. We have genetic tests these ... Read More »