Chemotherapy for Children May Soon Have Better Outcomes

When children develop cancer and need chemotherapy it affects their physical and, at times, their mental development as chemotherapy is basically toxic. Chemotherapy does not usually differentiate between the cancer and non cancer cells. As such, chemotherapy sometimes has deadly side effects. One of the main thrusts of research into cancer therapies is how to [...]

Ibrutinib Under Research as a Breakthrough Oral Drug to Treat Leukamia

Leukemia or blood cancer is of different types. Conventional treatment including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and intracethal chemotherapy wherein the drugs are directly injected into the spinal canal has mixed results, with some people responding and some even going into remission, while in some the disease progresses. Stem cell transplants are sometimes given to patients from donors [...]

What Should You Do If You Are at Risk of Breast Cancer or Have Been Diagnosed With Breast Cancer?

Thanks to Angelina Jolie, breast cancer awareness in on the increase since news of her preventive mastectomies made headlines in mainstream press and media. Because her mother died of ovarian cancer, she decided to have herself genetically tested and learnt that she was at 65 percent risk of developing breast cancer and 50 percent risk [...]

Xofigo for Prostate Cancer

The Food and Drug Administration has very recently approved a new pharmaceutical, Xofigo, for the treatment of late stage prostate cancer. The drug is a new hope for the treatment of a kind of cancer that affects more than 50% of men over 55 and over 90% of men over 75 years of age. It [...]

Kyprolis for Multiple Myeloma, an Overview

Kyprolis, generic carfilzomib, is a new treatment specifically approved for multiple myeloma (MM) cancer, but with potential applications to other cancers. It works as a proteasome inhibitor and is the latest medication of that class approved for MM. The Disease MM is a serious cancer that, according to the American Cancer Society, is diagnosed in [...]

Exciting Frontier Beckons For Cancer Treatment

The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has created a new ‘breakthrough’ designation for cancer drugs, so that any that are deemed to be successful can effectively be fast-tracked through the trial process and brought to market quicker. Many respected physicians in the field of cancer research backed the move, including Robert Schneider of New [...]

Your 10 Point Plan for Reducing Your Cancer Risk

Cancer of all varieties is one of the world’s most prolific killers.  Cancer is also a disease that touches most of us at some stage in our lifetimes, with almost everyone either fighting a variant of cancer themselves, or having a friend or family member who does so. While research continues across the world developing [...]

Stem Cells Reverse Chemo-Induced Infertility In Monkeys

According to a story released by the Canadian Press Toronto recent research shows there may be hope of preserving fertility in young males who undergo chemo treatments for cancer to still be able to later father children. Chemotherapy and radiation destroy stem cells in the testes that upon puberty allow for the creation of sperm. [...]

October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month October is breast cancer awareness month and if it saves just one life it was worth it. Breast cancer gets a lot of attention but still the number of breast cancer cases has not decreased as far as professionals hoped.  Let’s have a look at some facts [...]

Actos Linked to Bladder Cancer

Actos linked to bladder cancer The FDA is currently warning patients who are taking Actos® that they are at an increased risk of developing bladder cancer. On Sept 30, 2011, the FDA reviewed the findings of a 10-year study done by manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceuticals. This study determined that Actos® (pioglitazone) carries a greater [...]