Various Electric Treatments for Depression

Depression affects the quality of life and can even lead to suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts or even actual suicide. It is very different from an occasional feeling of sadness and feeling blue that usually pass in some time. While there may be specific reasons for depression like physical or psychological stress or illness, or hormonal [...]

Does Nutrition Affect Mental Health?

The food and mood connection has long been known, but what about the effects of nutrition or lack of it on people who have actual mental disorders? Even otherwise normal people experience the affects of food or the lack of it on their physical health. If the body does not get sufficient nutrition then it [...]

Experimental Drug Improves Depression within Minutes

An experimental drug known as AZD6765 has demonstrated its ability to improve depressive symptoms after just over an hour of having taken it. The effect lasted for 30 minutes with some individuals experiencing its positive effects for a couple of days. Participants in the study were individuals who had failed on alternative anti-depressant therapies including [...]

Natural Treatments For Depression

Though anti-depressants are a certified way of treating depression in individuals, they may in fact in many cases not be completely necessary. Today, depression and other similar disorders affect roughly 1 in 4 people and it's all too easy for a doctor to write a prescription for a happy pill the moment someone shows a [...]

A Look at Today’s Treatment Options for Depression

If you’re currently dealing with depression, then you already know what a challenge it can be to live with. It can be even more difficult to treat. While dietary changes, exercise, and talk therapy can all help a great deal with depression, most people also find that taking an anti-depressant of one kind or another [...]

Military Families Find Themselves Dealing With PTSD

Soldiers returning home from war at high risk of PTSD More than 10 years of war has led to a major health problem for the soldier returning home. PTSD is very real and families are left coping with their loved ones suffering from PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder. This is going to [...]

Male Stroke Survivors Have Higher Risk of Suffering Depression Than Females

Male stroke survivors have a higher incidence of depression. According to a new study published in the September, 2012, issue of Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation[1], depression following stroke is a big problem affecting around 33% of stroke survivors. The study reports that the more uncertainty about the outcome from the stroke [...]

10 Myths About Post Natal Depression

Post natal depression, or PND as it is often referred to, used to be a taboo subject that was very rarely talked about and very rarely acknowledged outside of the medical profession. Women did not like to admit that they were feeling depressed after giving birth because they were afraid that it would result in [...]

Depression and Pregnancy: Is Taking SSRI Medication Safe?

For most women, finding out that you are pregnant is the happiest moment of your life to that point in time. Carrying a child is one of life’s miracles after all. However, for some, it can be a moment filled with anxiety, stress and worry, particularly if they are on medication for depression. Many women [...]

In the Genes: Is Depression Genetic?

Depression is a topic that gets everyone talking today, which is fantastic progress considering that it was a taboo topic of conversation a couple of decades ago. Although society knows more about depression, bipolar disorder and other forms of mental illness than ever before, there are still several questions asked as to where it comes [...]