Controversies Surrounding Statin Drugs

Statin drugs are routinely prescribed for lowering cholesterol levels, even if these are only slightly high and even more so if they are very high. After all, high cholesterol levels are a factor in heart attack. New studies and research caused the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology to set fresh guidelines [...]

Farxiga – A New Drug for Diabetes

As diabetes affects millions of people worldwide and the disease has no cure but can only be managed and treated, there is constant ongoing research in finding new treatment options.  Type 1 diabetes is when no insulin is produced by the body and it often affects young people, including children. However, Type 2 diabetes is [...]

Nesina, a New DPP-4 Inhibitor for Diabetes

Nesina, generic alogplitin, is a new medication for Type II diabetes. It is generally meant to be used when the diabetes is not properly controlled, generally by metformin, but has been tested with a variety of medications and by itself alone. It is part of a new generation of diabetes medications that works in a [...]

Nephropathy – Kidney Disease from Long Term Diabetes

Nephropathy alone is damage or disease of the kidney; however, diabetic nephropathy is kidney disease that is associated with long-term diabetes also referred to as Kimmelstiel-Wilson disease or intercapillary glomerulonephritis. This disease affects the tiny blood vessels found in the glomerulus, which is the main structure in the capillary blood vessels of the kidneys. This [...]

Complications of Diabetes: Diabetic Retinopathy

Many diabetes patients develop over time ocular manifestations, including diabetic retinopathy among the most important. Diabetes leads to damage of small blood vessels in the retina (a component of the eye, which serves to capture images and send information to the brain). Diabetic retinopathy is manifested by visual disturbances, even blindness. Retinopathy can be prevented [...]

Diet for a Diabetic

First, just a little background information on diabetes. Diabetes is a disease not uncommon in society. There are two types of diabetes known as Type 1 and Type 2. People who have Diabetes Type 1 are usually diagnosed when they are children or teenagers. Their pancreas does not produce enough insulin which is a hormone [...]

FDA approves Tradjenta to Treat Type 2 Diabetes

There’s some good news for type 2 diabetes patients. Firstly it was the Gastric Bypass Surgery considered to improve insulin reaction. And now, the new drug Tradjenta is used in combination with diet and exercise to help improve blood glucose levels amongst adults in treating type 2 diabetes. It is, however, not helpful in treating [...]

10 Tips for Living With Type 1 Diabetes

If you have Type 1 Diabetes, it can sometimes feel like you’re trapped in an extremely confusing maze. There is so much information out there, and a lot of it is contradictory. Websites, television, newspapers, different medical personnel, friends and family, and sometimes even complete strangers all seem to have something to say on the [...]

Bydureon Diabetes Drug, Side Effects

  Bydureon is a once weekly form of Byetta, an increasingly popular diabetes medication.  It has a variety of effects that make it a useful treatment for diabetes.  Most importantly, it helps lower blood sugar and has tended to help people lose weight. Effects Bydureon lowers fasting glucose levels, has tended to result in weight [...]

Actos – Side Effects, Problems

Concerns about Actos You may be considering pioglitazone or Actos to help treat your diabetes.  But you absolutely need to know that Actos has some very serious side effects and that it’s not entirely clear how well it works. Pioglitazone, or Actos, is a very popular treatment for Type 2 Diabetes, with prescriptions counting for [...]