The Digestive System Lays the Foundation of Good Health

You may be eating right and exercising and doing all you can to keep healthy and have a good quality of life, but what happens if you suffer from one of the many digestive disorders? You may not only feel ill as a result, the quality of life impaired, movement restricted but you may not [...]

Are Pain Killers Hurting Your Health?

If you have any sort of pain, chances are that if it is moderate or mild, the first thing you will do is reach for a pain killer, probably one that is easily available over the counter and which you probably have in your medicine box or cabinet. But how safe is the pain killer [...]

Everyday Technology Has a Huge Role to Play in Drug Delivery Systems and Health Monitoring

These are exciting times when there are new drug delivery system either already here or slated to arrive shortly, targeted drugs for diseases and constant and easy health monitoring now available. Research and development is constantly on finding new drugs as also ways so that patients can have them painlessly and so that they reach [...]

Generic Drugs vs Brand Name Drugs – Are You Willing to Pay the Price?

Almost everyone knows that generic drugs are cheaper than brand name drugs – and the difference in price can be as much as 80 percent. Whether the money comes from your pocket (after all, a large percentage of the population has no health insurance) or you pay for a part of it as co-pay or [...]

Heredity – Dumping Your Genetic Predispositions

In what follows, we are struck by the fact that all human beings are extraordinarily similar in composition -99.9% similar. So what is it that makes one person taller than another, or with better eyesight, or destined to acquire a disorder later in life? Can science finally crack the genetic code while we are still [...]

Intuition – The Partner You Need to Meet

Even hardened skeptics cannot dispel the notion that we are all born with instincts, e.g. the instincts to suck and cry and respond to warmth and affection. But that is only the beginning, for intuition rises far above that threshold. Instinct is but a knee-jerk reaction to things physical and earthy, whereas intuition can break [...]

Staying Younger, Longer, with Health and Vitality

I promise not to dwell on eating leafy vegetables, smoking, being obese, avoiding sugars and other similar platitudes. I even promise not to broach the subjects of good-for-you foods, exercise, vitamins and nutritional supplements. I feel readers know enough already about omega-3 fats and the merits of a daily 15-minute walk. Awareness – “The road [...]

The Placebo Effect: An Update on What We Know

The placebo effect - one of the more baffling aspects of health and medicine.  It is, in essence, when you take a fake treatment and get real benefits. Why getting a pill, for instance, with nothing in it but sugar can often make you feel significantly better, versus getting nothing at all, is a real [...]

Major Study Shows Link Between Meat Consumption and Early Death

It would seem that by now the force of the evidence behind the link between meat consumption and increased risks of colon cancer and early death is great enough to make a vegetarian out of us all. The research goes back decades and decades, and by now involves vastly different populations in huge numbers, including [...]

Should We Blame Parents for Children’s Behavior?

Whenever children misbehave, to whatever extent, talk usually turns to who is responsible. More often than not, attention turns to the parents of the misbehaving child.  While a natural and somewhat obvious reaction, you could claim that it is an easy, even lazy, one.  Given there are numerous cases of children that behave well at [...]