Exciting and Groundbreaking Research on Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell treatment has often been touted as the new medical frontier and there is increasing evidence that it works in different ways and is more successful as well. Stem cells are being used for leukemia, lymphoma, other blood disorders, and some solid tumors. There is research that is ongoing for stem cells usage to [...]

Does That Expensive Vitamin D Supplement You Take Actually Help?

Vitamin D is one of those vitamins that are naturally made by the body when it is exposed to the ultraviolet rays of sunlight. However, for people who live in places where sunlight is not plentiful or, even if available, cannot reap its benefits because they are protected via sunscreen, the body can easily become [...]

Bayer’s Nexavar May Get FDA Approval for Thyroid Cancer

Nexavar (Sorafenib) is drug that is manufactured by Bayer and is used to treat renal cell cancer and Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Depending on the individual patient and his or her medical history situation, the drug is prescribed for kidney and liver cancer and helps slow the growth and progression of the cancer. Latest research that [...]

New Research on Influenza to Combat This Virulent Illness

Influenza is extremely contagious and often got from the air because it is an airborne infection. While the flu vaccine has had some success, researchers are at a loss to know which strain of influenza will take predominance in a particular season and make the vaccine tailored for it. As the flu vaccine is effective [...]

Measles and the Media

The pre-1960s-style measles outbreak in Wales has been hot in the news media since the beginning of April. The numbers of sick, including some adults, is rising still. Thousands of children have been diagnosed with the generally mild and easily preventable disorder throughout the region, spreading outward from Swansea in south Wales. UK immunization specialist [...]