Cetylev- A Promising New Alternative To An Old Classic

Cetylev is the new effervescent oral medication recently approved by the FDA for the treatment of acute liver toxicity, following over dosage of the popular drug Acetaminophen (better known as Tylenol). The drug contained in Cetylev; acetylcysteine, is not new by any means. In fact, it was approved since the 1960’s for use, albeit as [...]

Farxiga – A New Drug for Diabetes

As diabetes affects millions of people worldwide and the disease has no cure but can only be managed and treated, there is constant ongoing research in finding new treatment options.  Type 1 diabetes is when no insulin is produced by the body and it often affects young people, including children. However, Type 2 diabetes is [...]

Vedolizumab – New Drug May Offer Hope To Patients Of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Vedolizumab, a new drug, initially developed by Millennium Pharmaceuticals that was taken over by Takeda Pharmaceuticals, is a monoclonal antibody, and has been under trial for use in ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn’s disease (CD), that are part of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) This antibody has been found to be more effective than a placebo [...]

Chemotherapy for Children May Soon Have Better Outcomes

When children develop cancer and need chemotherapy it affects their physical and, at times, their mental development as chemotherapy is basically toxic. Chemotherapy does not usually differentiate between the cancer and non cancer cells. As such, chemotherapy sometimes has deadly side effects. One of the main thrusts of research into cancer therapies is how to [...]

Novartis’ Serelaxin Gets Breakthrough Therapy Status for Acute Heart Failure

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just granted Serelaxin made by Novartis breakthrough designation for acute heart failure. This experimental drug, also called RLX030, has shown promising results in treating symptoms of acute heart failure (AHF) including shortness of breath, congestion and the worsening of heart failure and increasing their life-span as well. Typically [...]

Ibrutinib Under Research as a Breakthrough Oral Drug to Treat Leukamia

Leukemia or blood cancer is of different types. Conventional treatment including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and intracethal chemotherapy wherein the drugs are directly injected into the spinal canal has mixed results, with some people responding and some even going into remission, while in some the disease progresses. Stem cell transplants are sometimes given to patients from donors [...]

Insomnia and Dual Orexin Receptor Antagonists (Suvorexant)

There has been a breakthrough in the treatment of insomnia. A new compound being tested and prepared for the market blocks a neurotransmitter receptor for orexin (hypocretin), the chemical messenger responsible for arousal and “wakefulness.” Dual orexin receptor antagonists (DORAs) have been shown to improve circadian rhythms and sleep patterns with no side effects, the [...]

Kyprolis for Multiple Myeloma, an Overview

Kyprolis, generic carfilzomib, is a new treatment specifically approved for multiple myeloma (MM) cancer, but with potential applications to other cancers. It works as a proteasome inhibitor and is the latest medication of that class approved for MM. The Disease MM is a serious cancer that, according to the American Cancer Society, is diagnosed in [...]

Nesina, a New DPP-4 Inhibitor for Diabetes

Nesina, generic alogplitin, is a new medication for Type II diabetes. It is generally meant to be used when the diabetes is not properly controlled, generally by metformin, but has been tested with a variety of medications and by itself alone. It is part of a new generation of diabetes medications that works in a [...]

Are Scientists on the Cusp of an Alzheimer’s Breakthrough?

Alzheimer's disease can be distressing both for those with the condition as well as those close to them. Research into finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease is perhaps only rivaled by cancer, in terms of the financial and time focus it gets from groups around the world.  There is increased hope, however, that [...]