Ipilimumab – New Melanoma Treatment

Ipilimumab is a new treatment for advanced melanoma that has generated a lot of excitement.  While a step in the right direction, it has limited efficacy and still has to be determined as to its best use. Considering that only 5-10% of people are alive in 5 years when they have stage IV melanoma, any [...]

Qnexa for Weight Loss; Side Effects

Qnexa is a new medication that will go for FDA approval in 2010 and is a treatment for obesity.  It consists of phentermine and topiramate and has shown excellent results in studies to date.  Concerns, however, remain about its safety and long run effectiveness. Medications to help people lose weight have had a rocky history. [...]

Benlysta: Limited Efficacy for Lupus?

  Benlysta is a new lupus treatment being made by Human Genome Sciences along with GlaxoSmithKline.  It is a fully human monoclonal antibody that targets the B-lymphocyte stimulator – BLYS for short – and has shown some efficacy in trials to date. Our analysis, however, is that the results are lackluster and, unfortunately, [...]

Prolia or Denosumab, Uses, Side Effects

Prolia, generic denosumab, is a new treatment for prevention of osteoporosis and bone related disease.  It is a monoclonal antibody to RANKL and acts by preventing it from activating its target receptors.  Since RANKL promotes cells to grow that digest your bone, preventing its action has important protective effects. Studies have shown that Prolia works [...]

Apixaban for Prevention of Blood Clots

Apixaban is a new medication being developed for a variety of uses involving blood coagulation. Blood clotting is a serious problem that is extremely common and the existing anticoagulants have significant limitations.  Studies so far have shown that Apixaban is effective and safe, yet many details are still being worked out. When you get surgery, [...]

Olaparib, a PARP Inhibitor

Olaparib is a member of the poly-ADP ribose polymerase  (PARP) inhibitors and may work as a treatment for certain types of breast, ovarian and prostate cancer.  PARP is involved in repairing DNA damage.  By inhibiting PARP, rapidly growing cells such as those in cancer may accumulate damage or be more susceptible to death from traditional [...]

Bydureon Diabetes Drug, Side Effects

  Bydureon is a once weekly form of Byetta, an increasingly popular diabetes medication.  It has a variety of effects that make it a useful treatment for diabetes.  Most importantly, it helps lower blood sugar and has tended to help people lose weight. Effects Bydureon lowers fasting glucose levels, has tended to result in weight [...]