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CDC Releases Results from ADHD Study

(PET scan). From Zametkins et al. (1990)

A recent ADHD study conducted by the CDC’s National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities reached its conclusion, and the results were published online in the Journal of Attention Disorders[1]. This was one of the largest community based epidemiologic ADHD studies ever conducted in the USA. Its focus was to improve the understanding of children dealing with ADHD, and ... Read More »

Girls with ADHD at Higher Risk for Suicide as Young Women

Girls with ADHD

Girls at Higher Risk Than Boys “Like boys with ADHD, girls continue to have problems with academic achievement and relationships, and need special services as they enter early adulthood,” said Stephen Hinshaw, UC Berkeley professor of psychology[2] and lead author of a study that reports after 10 years on the largest-ever sample of girls whose ADHD was first diagnosed in ... Read More »

How to use qEEG to Diagnose ADHD


Some people who don’t believe ADHD exists argue that there is no physical signs or tests for it.  Such a claim, while popular, ignores the strong and compelling evidence from PET and fMRI scans that show things like smaller brain size in people with ADHD as well as dopamine irregularities. But recent innovations in brain wave monitoring may put that ... Read More »