How one Woman Copes with a Husband that has ADHD

When a parent has ADHD it can place a lot of stress on the family unit. I recently came across a blog[1] about how one woman coped with an ADHD husband and parenting a young child. It seems that, at times, the mother found it quite frustrating as her ADHD husband would break [...]

Girls with ADHD at Higher Risk for Suicide as Young Women

Girls at Higher Risk Than Boys "Like boys with ADHD, girls continue to have problems with academic achievement and relationships, and need special services as they enter early adulthood," said Stephen Hinshaw, UC Berkeley professor of psychology[2] and lead author of a study that reports after 10 years on the largest-ever sample of girls whose [...]

An ADHD Test Made For Adults

This is an informal test with 33 items designed for adult ADHD - that focuses on the way the condition manifests specifically in adults. What distinguishes it from most ADHD tests is that a) it is written for adults b) it is behaviorally based.  That means it asks if you have behaviors associated with ADHD. [...]