New Vaccine for the Prevention of HIV

Before we go into the new vaccine, it is important to understand what HIV is and how you can contract HIV. What is HIV? HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. This virus attacks the immune system with a very strong force that even individuals with a very strong immune system cannot fight. How is HIV [...]

Groundbreaking Research Finds Potential New Way to Fight HIV

Latest research shows how cancer drugs can halt HIV virus. Groundbreaking research may change how drugs are used to halt the HIV virus, as research exhibits how virus targets T-cells. The October issue of the Journal of Biological Chemistry includes the breakthrough research recently conducted at the George Mason University. Researchers believe this [...]

Issues with Vaccine Development for HIV/AIDS

  My professor said something two days ago that shocked me: “I honestly don't think we'll ever see an effective vaccine for HIV/AIDS.” Considering how much of an expert he is, that was pretty demoralizing.  And I don't believe him; I can't believe him.  Too much is at stake. Yet to date we've [...]

The Recent HIV/AIDS Vaccine: Thoughts

  The HIV/AIDS Vaccine: A few weeks ago I was sitting in the basement of the biomedical research center at my school, just having made it through another fascinating class on pharmacology.  It was time for lunch, so I made for the exit, meeting my friend along the way. “Hey,” she said.  “Did [...]

What is the AIDS Monster?

  Dashed hopes Less than half a century ago, we thought we had eliminated the threat of infectious diseases. We are about to see “the virtual elimination of the infectious disease as an important factor in social life," said Nobel Prize Winner, Frank Burnet, in 1962. And there was great reason to be [...]