Treatment Options for Bipolar Disorder

Given the complex nature of bipolar disorder, treating the condition can be difficult for patients, their families, and the medical professionals that specialize in this field.  If your knowledge of bipolar disorder is so far limited, take the time to check out the first part of our series where we looked at the question of [...]

A Quick Guide to Depression Treatment

Depression. Are you unhappy, worried about your life, and things don't seem to matter? It might be depression.  And that should mean change of some sort.  What that means can vary: it can mean eating healthier and exercising, to seeing a therapist and taking medication. It's important to realize what we know about depression - [...]

Valdoxan or Agomelatine for Depression

Valdoxan or Agomelatine: A new depression treatment About 40-50% of people taking the current antidepressants, or the SSRIs, stop treatment shortly after starting.  This is because that class of medications has certain significant side effects, like nauseua and sexual dysfunction. Valdoxan, generic agomelatine, is a new medication that is generating a lot of excitement because [...]

Problems with Abilify for Depression

  Abilify: way oversold You probably have seen a TV ad recently for Abilify. I do all the time. It's terrible. Each time I'm amazed at the audacity of its makers, Bristol-myers Squibb.  They're making a killingoff those ads; they sold 30% more in 2009 than in 08 of the stuff. But what [...]

20 Facts About Antidepressants

1) 1/10 people in America are currently taking an antidepressant (AD) 2) Michael Jackson was reportedly taking Zoloft and Paxil when he died.  Antidepressants have been shown to contribute to heart disease. 3) Luvox was being taken by a shooter in the Columbine High School shootings. 4) We have no idea how antidepressants [...]