Exciting Frontier Beckons For Cancer Treatment

The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has created a new ‘breakthrough’ designation for cancer drugs, so that any that are deemed to be successful can effectively be fast-tracked through the trial process and brought to market quicker. Many respected physicians in the field of cancer research backed the move, including Robert Schneider of New [...]

Stem Cells Reverse Chemo-Induced Infertility In Monkeys

According to a story released by the Canadian Press Toronto recent research shows there may be hope of preserving fertility in young males who undergo chemo treatments for cancer to still be able to later father children. Chemotherapy and radiation destroy stem cells in the testes that upon puberty allow for the creation of sperm. [...]

New Melanoma Drug Boosts Survival Rates

Patients with advanced skin cancer can now hope to extend life. The new treatment unveiled at a cancer meeting in Chicago has been praised by the cancer care fraternity. Vemurafenib is an experimental drug that attacks the root of the cancerous source. Developed by Plexxikon and Roche/Genentech, it targets a genetic mutation that causes melanoma [...]

Pfizer’s New Drug Slows Pancreatic Tumors

Pfizer's experimental drug, CP- 870,893 slowed down pancreatic cancer significantly. The treatment tricks the immune system and shrinks pancreatic tumors by targeting the tissue around the cancer mass instead of the malignant cells. The method was tested on lab mice and twenty-one human patients. The team, made up of laboratory scientists and clinical doctors, embarked [...]

Treatment of Cancer: Now and the Future

Cancer is when something in your body goes wrong.  A cell that normally should stop growing or die refuses to do so. It keeps dividing.  As it grows, it forms a mass of cells that may or may not decide to stop. If it doesn’t, it may spread to other parts of the [...]

Thoughts on Cancer Medications

Some of the most interesting - on a pharmacological level - medications I’ve encountered are cancer treatments. Take Tamoxifen, for instance.  This highly effective treatment for certain types of breast cancer works because it blocks the effects of estrogen in the breast.  Since estrogen plays a role in getting cells in the breast to grow, [...]

Tamoxifen for Breast Cancer & Side Effects

What is this drug? Tamoxifen is a treatment for breast cancer in both men and women that works by blocking estrogen from stimulating breast tissue.  That stimulation leads in part to roughly 2/3 of breast cancers, and so blocking it is quite important, and Tamoxifen is the most popular breast cancer medication for that reason. [...]