Can Where You Live Make You Fatter?

Is your bodyweight linked to where you live? A new study, released at the end of January in the International Journal of Obesity[1], suggests that where we live could play a key role in whether or not we are overweight.  Unfortunately, there is a scientific side to it, it is not as simple [...]

Thoughts on ADHD, Diagnosis & Controversy

What is ADHD? ADHD is an extremely common disorder that is characterized by difficulty paying attention, distractibility and hyperactivity. And some say it's even more common than previously thought. For one, it's now believed to be common in adults - not just children - and that a diagnosis of ADHD doesn't always have [...]

Are Cholesterol Target Levels Too Low?

  Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the single biggest cause of health problems and death in the USA and the world. Statins offer a way to help treat CHD, but have become perhaps too heavily pushed. And the target level of cholesterol to reach may have been lowered too far. What causes CHD? [...]

Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

Do Vaccines Cause Autism? There's nothing more scary for parents than the thought that they might hurt their children. The controversy about vaccines and autism is frightening, but seems to have little scientific backing. It started in 1998. The Lancet reported on 12 children with gastrointestional problems that they believed were caused - [...]

20 Facts About Antidepressants

1) 1/10 people in America are currently taking an antidepressant (AD) 2) Michael Jackson was reportedly taking Zoloft and Paxil when he died.  Antidepressants have been shown to contribute to heart disease. 3) Luvox was being taken by a shooter in the Columbine High School shootings. 4) We have no idea how antidepressants [...]

10 Ways Scientists Lie About Drugs

Does the FDA keep us safe? Research into new medications is how we learn if they work and if they're safe.  It's the only protection we have against snake oil and worse.  But disasters like Thalidomide and Vioxx - not to mention the dozens of products recalled monthly – remind us that the [...]

Is Stimulant Treatment for ADHD Safe?

ADHD is most often treated by stimulants like Ritalin, Adderall, and Dexedrine. I'm sure you've heard of these medications - but what are they? What do they do? And most importantly – are they safe? Are Stimulants Safe? Stimulants are powerful medications, potentially addictive, and can have very serious side effects. They're commonly [...]

Do Antidepressants Work as Promised?

Note: This is an editorial Antidepressants - what's going on? One out of ten Americans are currently on antidepressants.  That's just the beginning.  More than 25% of college students at some schools are on them. Everyone is being given them for all sorts of reasons.  Are they really that effective or safe?  Maybe.  That said, [...]