Are Scientists on the Cusp of an Alzheimer’s Breakthrough?

Alzheimer's disease can be distressing both for those with the condition as well as those close to them. Research into finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease is perhaps only rivaled by cancer, in terms of the financial and time focus it gets from groups around the world.  There is increased hope, however, that [...]

The Link Between an Increase in Exercise and Decrease in Dementia Still Uncertain

According to CBC News, a recent study revealed that there is a direct link between an increase in exercise and a decrease in dementia. According to this new research, exercise will slow the progression of dementia in seniors. The benefits of exercise and physical activity in younger years will be rewarded later in life. [...]

Benzodiazepines Sleeping Pills Increases Dementia Risk

A recent study shows a direct link between sleeping pill use and dementia. Recently the news released the findings of a French study[1]  that Benzodiazipines increase the risk of developing dementia by a 50%. In addition it was found that Benzodiazepines could lead to depression. If you use these sleeping pills, which are [...]

Low Levels of Vitamin C May Be Linked to Dementia

A recent study is disproving the results of an earlier study in 2008 that found there was no link between Vitamin C and dementia. This recent study found that patients with mild dementia had much lower concentrations of Vitamin C than those who showed no signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The University of Ulm’s [...]