The 12 Most Surprising Medical Facts

At least one of these facts will be so surprising that you'll never forget it.  There's some weird stuff going on. 1) Chewing gum is a valid medical treatment with research papers written and clinical trials run for its use in treating ileus. 2) DBCP is a pesticide that was used on over 40 crops [...]

List of New Cancer Drugs

As follows, here is a list of new cancer drugs that show especial promise. Herceptin or trastuzumab is a monoclonal antibody to the HER2 receptor and a recent innovation in breast cancer treatment.  In those who have the mutation specific to it, Herceptin can work impressively well.  At $100,000 per year of treatment, however, it [...]

The 14 Weirdest Medical Facts I Know

As follows are some of the weirdest medical facts I've encountered. 1) It is possible for a girl at the age of puberty to have a penis and balls pop out of her “vagina.” Turns out she was a he all along. 2) You can have half of your brain removed and still be functioning. [...]

Top 15 Investigative Blogs in Healthcare

  It's hard to find blogs that are well written and interesting.  And it's easy to find blogs that try to throw dirt at the establishment. But blogs that are well written, based off solid sources, and actually finding things that drug companies would rather us not know?  They're a rare species. The [...]

50 More Ways to Make Friends

A lot of people really liked my post 50 Ways to Make Friends. Many of my posts here are a bit too technical, and don't get much response.  But it felt really good to write something that helped people. So I decided to write another 50 Ways to Make Friends. I hope this [...]

20 Facts About Antidepressants

1) 1/10 people in America are currently taking an antidepressant (AD) 2) Michael Jackson was reportedly taking Zoloft and Paxil when he died.  Antidepressants have been shown to contribute to heart disease. 3) Luvox was being taken by a shooter in the Columbine High School shootings. 4) We have no idea how antidepressants [...]

10 Ways Scientists Lie About Drugs

Does the FDA keep us safe? Research into new medications is how we learn if they work and if they're safe.  It's the only protection we have against snake oil and worse.  But disasters like Thalidomide and Vioxx - not to mention the dozens of products recalled monthly – remind us that the [...]