Are Prescription Drugs Issued Too Readily?

The topic of prescription medication is a controversial one throughout the world.  While our headline question is perhaps the biggest issue faced by the medical industry today, there are many other problems that exist when it comes to prescription drugs, many of which may lead directly into medicines being prescribed too readily, or without the [...]

Ethical Issues in Health & Medicine

As we gain better and better control of the body and its health, we are exposed to worse moral dilemmas.  Here are some of the toughest ethical issues in health & medicine. Being a medical ethicist has never been harder. 1) Genetic modification The complete sequencing of a copy of the human genome was a [...]

Top 15 Investigative Blogs in Healthcare

  It's hard to find blogs that are well written and interesting.  And it's easy to find blogs that try to throw dirt at the establishment. But blogs that are well written, based off solid sources, and actually finding things that drug companies would rather us not know?  They're a rare species. The [...]

How To Improve Health Care in the USA

  Obama is trying to change the health care system in America.  I agree with him that there needs to be change.  What's not entirely clear is what his ideas actually are. The fact is, we spend among the most on health care of all the major nations, and aren't getting better health [...]