Is Mental Health Ignorance America’s Biggest Risk?

        It is widely accepted that mental health awareness and services, in most of the world, not just America, needs to improve significantly.  What most Americans, not just the general populace but also seemingly those in the positions of power, fail to realize is the impact that the lack of attention on [...]

Who Can Help You Deal With Addiction?

Knowing who can help could be key to dealing with your addiction. After the intensity of looking into the deep reaching impacts of addiction, and ways in which medication and psychology can help us to deal with our dependencies, it is time to take a step back and recognize the people that will [...]

Psychological Interventions: Dealing with Addiction

Dealing with addiction is psychological as much as it is physical. We have already explored the various medical interventions that are available for those dealing with various addictions, focusing primarily on nicotine, alcohol, and various categories of drug dependency. However, we must realize that medical intervention is only 50% of the battle we [...]

How Effective is Acne Laser Treatment?

Laser treatment has proven to be useful in treating most of the acne conditions compared to other conventional forms of treatment like lotions, gels and creams applied to the skin which do not always work very effectively and can sometimes cause some side effects. Doctors sometimes also prescribe oral medication but some individuals experience nasty [...]

Treating Treatment Resistant Depression

  At least 1/3 of the time depression doesn't respond to the first medication tried.  If another attempt doesn't work, it becomes "treatment resistant depression." If your depression isn't lifting, here are ten ideas you might want to consider: 1) It might not be depression proper.  Bipolar depression – depression associated with the [...]

What is Therapy?

Do you feel a) like life sucks or is terrible? b) overwhelmed or constantly anxious? c) unable to concentrate ? Therapy might be a good idea.  Here's why. We live in a hard world Some statistics say one out of four people in the United States suffer from some sort of mental disorder.  [...]